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Space....The Final Frontier

Have you ever noticed when you get in an elevator, strangers optimize space between them.  You get in, press your number and step to the back corner of the elevator.  Next person gets in, hits their number and steps to the back opposite corner.  As more people enter, space is optimized by people standing as far away as possible from each other.  Knowing this is the norm of human behavior, sometimes, I shake it up.  I'll get in, push my button and stand dead center in the elevator.  It's fun to see what happens next!  Ah, Patrick the Disruptor! 

In the field of Nonverbal Communication, the study of space is called Proxemics.  When I took my graduate course in nonverbal communication, I was fascinated by … well … EVERYTHING!  One HUGE takeaway from that course was an acute awareness about       space.

Our use of space fills two opposing human needs:  Affiliation or Privacy.

If we seek...

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Where is .... Nowhere?

Feeling like you don't know where you're going?  Your future looks unclear.  Every day you take steps, but maybe you're not sure if you're going forward, backward, sideways or upside down!  Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland says, “If you don't know where you want to go, then it doesn't matter which path you take."  Aaargh!  If you're feeling frustrated about your path, you CARE and it MATTERS which way you go, right?!?

It's SO IMPORTANT to have purpose or mission or goal.  What is yours?  Look beyond that promotion or raise or that next milestone on your project.  What is your Big Life Goal?  What is the legacy you want to leave?  What is your Life Gift? 

Maybe you want to create a movement to empower the disempowered.  Maybe you want to stop bullying.  Maybe you want to raise your children with solid and unique character.  Whatever your mission or purpose, clarity provides a compass for life.

When you...

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What is Ignore-ance?

authentic interaction Feb 14, 2019

The words ignorant and ignorance are thrown around today – usually in a derogatory way to demean someone who doesn't agree with us.  Sad.  Webster dictionary says ignorance is the lack of knowledge, education or awareness.  For me, the term ignorance runs deeper than merely a lack of knowledge, education or awareness.  The root of the word ignorance is to ignore.  If we ignore something, we are aware of it, but we choose NOT to admit we are aware of it.  So, ignorance isn't a lacking, it's a CHOICE!


Where does our Ignorance show up?  Where do we CHOOSE to not admit we are aware of something?  Perhaps we are being ignorant about poverty in the world.  Issues in our country or our city or even in our neighborhood!  Perhaps we are choosing to be ignorant about the difficulties around the world.  Maybe we are aware of political turmoil in our world, but the problems seem SO BIG we do nothing and continue our lives, hoping...

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You Won the Lottery!

You Just WON the Lottery!  Magic!  Those five words are the stuff that DREAMS are made of, right?  Probably gives you a bit of an emotional rise to even THINK about it.  Right now, think of 3 things you would DO if you won a BIG lottery.   Skip the tactical stuff about getting a lawyer and an accountant.  And skip the stuff you would buy.  What would you DO?

I got in the front seat of the taxi in Winnipeg.  The two Senior Managers working for me popped into the back seat for our short ride to the client.  It was a damp and cold January morning.  Instead of preparing for the day's meetings and the deliverables needed for the week, I posed this question:  what would you do if you won $10M dollars?  They excitedly talked about all the stuff they would buy, but I kept probing with 'so, what's next?'  More stuff bought.  It didn't take them long to joyously announce, they would FINALLY quit this tough, challenging...

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What is Your SuperPower?

What is your Superpower?  Do you have a clear idea of it?  How would you describe it to another person?  Do other people describe YOU as your SuperPower to other people?  If you're unclear, try this exercise:  ask 10 people, "What 3 words would you use to describe my Best Self?"   You might be surprised!

SuperPower is linked to a Super Mission.   It's WHY we do what we do.  It's what we stand for.

Superman fights a never-ending battle for truth and justice.  WHY?  All crime fighters fight for truth and justice, but WHY does Superman continue to battle?   Some claim it's Lois Lane.  Not directly for Lois Lane, but for what she represents.  She is every person in their hopes, dreams and passions.   And Superman protects that.  Every time he fights, he makes an ethical decision to protect Lois Lane.

Batman fights a never-ending battle to END crime.  Not just curtail crime, but END...

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