"Wisdom isn't wisdom
until it's shared."

Patrick Mosher, Wisdom4Humanity

"Wisdom isn't wisdom
until it's shared."

Patrick Mosher, Wisdom4Humanity

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Our Vision is to help Mission Makers decide and act with WISDOM by blending spirituality, Influence and personal & professional strategies to fulfill life missions and impact the world for GOOD!

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"Patrick is one of the most authentic, inspiring and innovative leaders I've worked with in the Fortune 500.  His ability to ask profound questions, deliver more than promised, and coach and mentor coworkers to do what's right for them and others has inspired me  to be a better leader....and a better man"

Brendon Burchard

Best Selling Author and Founder of High Performance Institute

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Meet Patrick

Patrick Mosher is an author, speaker, advisor, consultant, coach, teacher, husband, father and granddaddy. 

He's passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations get from Point A to Point B -- with Energy, Momentum....and Achieving Success!  Dreaming is easy.  Dreaming up amazing strategies and goals is GREAT.  But executing those strategies and living INTO those dreams?  Well, that's where the journey gets REAL interesting and where most people and organizations need a little help!  

The key unit of progress?   Showing up Authentically…..in 1:1 dialogues, in small groups, teams, and even large-scale change.   Authenticity exchanges the most VALUE.

So what was Patrick's journey?  His values?

On over 80 projects over 30 years across 5 continents, he helped Global 1000 executives implement their most complex strategies:  post-merger integrations, new company launches, new product launches, huge technology implementations, global sales academies. 

He's a world class consultant and yet considers himself a 30-year student of human decision-making, motivation and leadership.  His 'secret agenda' on all 80+ projects was looking for that 'success algorithm" to customize unique paths for people and organizations to make sound decisions and take the most effective actions to achieve success. 

Patrick is a TedX speaker and has been the keynote speaker to international audiences!  He was invited to Brendon Burchard's stage at his High Performance Academy.  An impromptu address to 2000 people!

He is on the board for Business Intelligence & Analytics Center at Purdue University.  He considers Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics as our modern-day Wild West –areas which could use a bit of a moral compass!

He serves on the board for the Cowles Center for Dance & the Performing Arts in Minneapolis, creating a hub for dance in the Twin Cities.  He LOVES that grade school students get exposure to the Arts in their formative years.

And He serves on the board for the Legacy Labyrinth Project, a worldwide organization focusing on creating and connecting labyrinths to bring peace and healing to the planet.  He has helped build Legacy Labyrinths in Argentina and Saskatchewan, bringing peace-generating structures to those communities.

He lives by MANY diverse philosophies, but 3 mantras are core to his being:

Live 100% Empowered.  Learn Deeply.  Shine BOLDLY!