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What is Wisdom 4 Humanity?

When you make a series of wise decisions, you create a legacy to build a better world. At Wisdom 4 Humanity, we conduct events, programs and coaching so you can live your life mission and build your legacy.

Our Vision is to help Mission Makers decide and act with WISDOM by blending spirituality, Influence and personal & professional strategies to fulfill life missions and impact the world for GOOD!

"Wisdom isn't Wisdom

Until it's Shared"

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Wisdom is the soundness of act or decision based on knowledge, experience, and good judgment.

Patrick spent 30 years as a consultant helping Fortune 1000 executives implement their visions. As a student of human decision making, motivation, and leadership, he developed Wisdom 4 Humanity to make the world a better place for generations to come. Today, Patrick brings people together to facilitate exchanges of wisdom which grow visions into legacies dedicated to impacting humanity for good.

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