Significant Impact Monthly Program

Significant Impact Monthly generates the momentum you need every month to achieve your goals FASTER, with LESS RISK and more JOY.

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Significant Impact

Isn't that what we all want in this lifetime?  Why wait to build your legacy?  Live into it right now! Dedicate 120 minutes every month to generate momentum towards your life mission.  Leveraging decades of consulting Global 100 executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners, Patrick Mosher delivers world class strategies and content every month.


Build Confidence & Achieve Goals

Accelerate towards your goals, aspirations, dreams… your life mission. Build confidence as you hit milestones. Achieve critical goals faster, with less risk, more confidence, energy, passion, and joy in the journey. Make the significant impact you dream to have in the world.

Monthly Accountability & Sustained Momentum

Need more accountability to stay on track with your goals or fresh insight to get that little spark you need every month?  SIM gives you reliable trailmarkers to stay on track and sustain the momentum you so preciously generate. Every month, you complete the Momentum Generator tool, a leading practice used by executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners.


Significant Impact Monthly Program

Focus on what matters MOST to you every month!

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