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Wisdom is Soundness of Act or Decision based on Knowledge, Experience and Good Judgment.  

Are you READY for the Journey to Wisdom Mastery?

You're Here, You Are a Seeker of Wisdom!

The Wisdom Seeker 

By reading these words, you are demonstrating a level of curiosity.  You are a Wisdom Seeker...

  • You work hard
  • You want to make a difference at work, home, community
  • You seek ways to achieve your goals faster
  • You want to minimize risk on your path to personal and financial freedom
  • You want to experience joy in the journey

And maybe...

  • You feel a little burned out
  • You feel frustrated your current path isn't exactly what you imagined
  • Seems like you spin and spin on the same decisions 

You are not alone!  We all spin.  We all experience doubt.  We all have ups and downs in the journey.

As a Wisdom Seeker, you look for Wisdom Gems on the path to course correct.  Even the smallest course correction over the long-term creates SIGNIFICANT growth. 


Imagine if you could make decisions that stick.  Imagine if you could take actions with confidence.  No spinning.

Then, there's another level of Wisdom Mastery waiting for you:  

Wisdom Enthusiast

Your Next Level of Wisdom Mastery:

Wisdom Enthusiast

The Wisdom Enthusiast 

Seeking and applying gems you find on your path works well.  Life is a treasure hunt.  Fun and exciting ... as long as the gems come along often enough.

As a Wisdom Enthusiast, you look for more consistency on your path.  You are more intentional.

The definition of Enthusiasm is intense and eager enjoyment or interest.  Do you...

  • Want to make decisions that STICK? 
  • Want to take actions with CONFIDENCE without looking back?

Yes and Yes?

You are a Wisdom Enthusiast!

You look for a little encouragement along the way, right?   

As you walk your path, and you feel comfort you'll find a Wisdom Gem along the way.  Not satisfied with them just showing up whenever, you want to know WHEN those gems show up and know the Wisdom Gem will have VALUE for your path every week.  

My Wisdom 4 Humanity weekly broadcast contains

  • A weekly Wisdom Gem for you to contemplate and live into
  • A Wisdom 4 Humanity Challenge for you to apply each week
  • A Wisdom Story which demonstrates how you can apply proven wisdom strategies 

As a Wisdom Enthusiast, You'll find my Wisdom 4 Humanity weekly blog post informative and entertaining.  Most importantly, I hope it provides that little PUSH you need every week to achieve your goals faster.  

Ready to Increase Your Impact?

I'm Ready to Become a WISDOM ENTHUSIAST!

What? You want MORE?
The Next Level of Wisdom Mastery is...

A Student of Wisdom

A Student of Wisdom 

You have work to do.  You have goals.  As a Student of Wisdom, you have a desire deep in your belly to achieve a level of MASTERY at what you do.

Is this you?  

Familiar with the normal curve?  As a Student of Wisdom, you desire to break out from the masses.  You want to show you are distinct from 'the norm.'

Ooh, do I sense a bit of a radical in you?

What would happen if we all lived within 'the norm?'  Yes, the world would continue to operate, but...

  • Without Creativity
  • Without Innovation
  • Without Diversity
  • Without Distinction

Without a full array of colors.  Growing up, I always wanted the 64 crayon box.  Did you know there are 366 Crayon colors now?  

If knowing that little piece of data makes you smile, lifts your spirits and gives you hope for mankind...

You are a Student of Wisdom!

You want to paint the world with your unique color.  

Let's Do It!

Mastery in ANYTHING takes intention.  Takes time.  You are building a craft.  On the path of Wisdom Mastery, you are constantly learning

  • How to show up as the BEST YOU possible   
  • How to show up in interactions authentically and with improved INFLUENCE skills  
  • How to apply proven strategies to ACCELERATE your project or business

You strive to fulfill your Life Mission!

When you show up authentically and intentionally in your most important interactions, you LEVEL UP YOUR INFLUENCE SKILLS.  You achieve Alignment with prospects, clients, team, collaborators....even your friends!  

You have dreams, ambitions and goals.  This is Your Point B.  ACCELERATE TOWARDS YOUR GOALS with strategies and tactics used by successful Fortune 500 executives! 

To become a Student of Wisdom, register for either or both of our monthly programs:

  • Want to increase your influence?  Register for our next monthly session of Authentic Interaction Mastery (AIM)
  • Want to accelerate your project or business to achieve your goals?   (who doesn't!!!)   Register for our next monthly session for Business Acceleration Mastery (BAM)

Our sessions are usually held on the first Saturday of every month.  If that doesn't work for you, replays are available for viewing when it's convenient for you!

Are you serious about your learning?

Let me help you put your wisdom in the world!!

I'm Ready to Become a STUDENT of WISDOM!

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One of the most important ways to level up and accelerate towards your Goals and Dreams is to interact with your customers, teams and collaborators with clear intention and authenticity.  Make each interaction count!!

Plan your next interaction with CLEAR INTENTION!

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"In today's business culture we need authentic leadership. We need it to keep us on course as well as to improve our service to our customers. We need authentic leadership in our business to keep us in integrity. Patrick IS authentic leadership and brings with him facilitation skills like you have not experienced before!""

Chris Katzenmeyer
Founder and Executive Director, Legacy Labyrinth Project

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