Journey to Delphi

The Delphi Oracle.
Ancient Greeks believed if you asked her a question she would answer with Absolute Truth.  Kings, Philosophers and Statesmen asked their questions.  She was considered
the most powerful mortal female in civilization.

Imagine if you could ask just one question and receive Absolute Truth.  What question would you ask?  Wealth?  Relationships?  Health?  The Secret of the Universe?

Join us on this virtual journey
to formulate and hone your question for the Delphi Oracle.

Maybe you'll find a few answers along the way!

Why Take The Journey to Delphi?

Community of Like Minded Individuals

When you join the Journey to Delphi, you get access to a community of like minded individuals, who believe we can leave the world a better place for future generations through the sharing of wisdom.

Gain Clarity

Throughout our virtual journey to Delphi, you will hone in on what one question you would ask the Delphi Oracle if you knew you would get absolute truth. Ultimately, this will provide you with clarity about what is most important to you in this life.

Inspiration & Challenges

Each month we will send you a challenge question to journal about to keep you on track with determining your most important question, as well as inspirational stories, videos, and pictures from previous Wisdom Councils

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