Belfast Titanic Diagnostic


October 1-3, 2021
Belfast Ireland

Ten factors created the Titanic disaster. 
Diagnose your business for those 10 factors

Avoid YOUR Icebergs!

What is this .... Titanic Diagnostic?

37 seconds.  That's the time it took from when the lookouts spotted the iceberg to the time the Titanic made IMPACT.  Those 37 seconds separated "Titanic" from meaning World Class to Epic Disaster.

Millions, maybe even billions, saw James Cameron's movie, Titanic.  Me too!  I was mesmerized by what seemed like historical facts.  It was like being THERE, right? 

My curiosity kicked in....

I dug deeper into the Titanic story and discovered something pretty darned amazing.  The 10 factors that made Titanic a disaster that fateful night of April 15, 1912 are the same 10 factors that take projects, organizations, new business ventures and people's beloved missions DOWN.    

For example, everyone knows that the Titanic didn't have enough lifeboats.  Did you know that the Titanic EXCEEDED maritime regulations for number of lifeboats required for a ship of its size?  Even as they complied with regulations, they didn't consider some critical possibilities and their Contingency Plan was ...  fatally inadequate.

You might be cruising along just fine, but have you considered how you, your team or organization would respond in difficult times....let's say something similar tot he 2008 financial crisis?  Do you have a robust Contingency Plan for your business, organization or project?

This is where I want to help you REACH your destination, ACHIEVE your goals, MAKE your mission, LIVE into your legacy and CHANGE the world for good.  

In my 30 years of consulting, I've seen my share of difficult projects.  And unfortunately, some Epic Disasters!  

I've bundled those experiences, observations and wisdom....and designed the Belfast Titanic Diagnostic to help YOU identify the ICEBERGS for your business, organization or project.  

Choose.  Safely zoom by that ICEBERG or take the chance of ramming right into it.  I recommend choosing to learn from history.

Okay then...let's spend 3 days in the historic shipyards of Belfast Ireland.



3 Days

You'll get right down to business with a baseline of Titanic facts which bridge directly to the Titanic Diagnostic.  What are the most critical questions you SHOULD be asking?  You'll dive into assessing your organization, mission, project by applying the 10 factors that made the Titanic a disastrous event.  Workbooks, tools and social learning enhance your learning experience.  Let's identify YOUR ICEBERGS!

Seeing Icebergs is one thing.  AVOIDING them is quite another!  You'll spend the morning developing Iceberg Avoidance Strategies!  In the afternoon, deepen your experience by going across the street and touring the Belfast Titanic Exhibit.  Imagine seeing the sights and hearing the sounds of Titanic's inspirational and World Class voyage!  We end our LIVE seminar in the late afternoon by locking in your learnings with an Action Planning session.

Meet Your Facilitator, Patrick

Patrick Mosher is an author, speaker, advisor, consultant, coach, teacher, husband, father and granddaddy. 

"I'm passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations get from Point A to Point B -- with Energy, Momentum....and Achieving Success!  Dreaming is easy.  Dreaming up amazing strategies and goals is GREAT.  But executing those strategies and living INTO those dreams?  Well, that's where the journey gets REAL interesting and where most people and organizations need a little help!"  

"The key unit of progress?   Showing up Authentically… 1:1 dialogues, in small groups, teams, and even large-scale change.   Authenticity exchanges the most VALUE.

So what was my journey?  My values?

On over 80 projects over 30 years across 5 continents, I helped Global 1000 executives implement their most complex strategies:  post-merger integrations, new company launches, new product launches, huge technology implementations, global sales academies. 

I'm a world class consultant and yet considers myself a 30-year student of human decision-making, motivation and leadership.  My 'secret agenda' on all 80+ projects was looking for that 'success algorithm" to customize unique paths for people and organizations to make sound decisions and take the most effective actions to achieve success. 

I'm a Certified High Performance Coach and TedX speaker.  But my most valued credentials come from what my clients and colleagues say about my work and contributions."

In the Belfast Shipyards !!

Titanic Hotel Belfast

Our venue was Headquarters for Harland Wolff, the company that designed and built the Titanic!  Now a beautifully-equipped hotel, it is steeped with artifacts and history! 

Stand in Mr Andrews' office, Titanic's Master Designer!  Dine in the great hall where draftsman caught dwindling Irish sunlight to draw their last lines of the day.  Feel messenger boys bustle past you in the hallways!

These are the VERY rooms where company officers made EPIC decisions.

Belfast Titanic

Right across the street from our hotel is the Belfast Titanic Exhibit -- built in the slip where the Titanic was erected.  Imagine the immense scaffolding blocking the sun!  The structure itself reminds you of the epic proportions and magic of these historic ocean liners!  Imagine the excitement of boarding and crossing the ocean to distant lands!

Day 2, you'll tour this amazing exhibit!  It honors and respects the many people who built this tremendous feat of human ingenuity.


Tickets will go fast and there's limited space!  

Tickets are now only $1,997 each, until sold out. Ticket prices do not include your transportation, hotel or meals at the event.

For team and group rates email us at:  [email protected]

Titanic Facts

Countdown to Belfast Titanic Diagnostic (Oct 1-3, 2021)

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October 1-3, 2021



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