Titanic Diagnostic

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Let's avoid YOUR icebergs!

Does your team balance speed with risk and stick to your mission? Do you avoid dangerous comparisons to competition?

Titanic pushed to beat the England - NYC time set by her sister ship, Olympic.  

How can we use the lessons learned from the Titanic disaster to mitigate risks in your own business? On your team? In life?

Learn how to avoid YOUR Icebergs in your organization, project, and life.

What is this .... Titanic Diagnostic?

37 seconds.  That's the time it took from when the lookouts spotted the iceberg to the time the Titanic made IMPACT.  Those 37 seconds separated "Titanic" from meaning World Class to Epic Disaster.

Millions, maybe even billions, saw James Cameron's movie, Titanic.  Me too!  I was mesmerized by what seemed like historical facts.  It was like being THERE, right? 

My curiosity kicked in....

I dug deeper into the Titanic story and discovered something pretty darned amazing.  The 10 factors that made Titanic a disaster that fateful night of April 15, 1912 are the same 10 factors that take projects, organizations, new business ventures and people's beloved life missions DOWN.    

For example, everyone knows that the Titanic didn't have enough lifeboats.  Did you know that the Titanic EXCEEDED maritime regulations for number of lifeboats required for a ship of its size?  Even as they complied with regulations, they didn't consider some critical possibilities and their Contingency Plan was ...  fatally inadequate.

You might be cruising along just fine, but have you considered how you, your team or organization would respond in difficult times....let's say something similar to the 2008 financial crisis?  Do you have a robust Contingency Plan for your business, organization, project, or life?

This is where I want to help you REACH your destination, ACHIEVE your goals, MAKE your mission, LIVE into your legacy and CHANGE the world for good.  

In my 30 years of consulting, I've seen my share of difficult projects.  And unfortunately, some Epic Disasters!  

I've bundled those experiences, observations and wisdom....and designed Titanic Diagnostic to help YOU identify the ICEBERGS for your business, organization, project, or life.  

Choose: Safely zoom by that ICEBERG or take the chance of ramming right into it.  I recommend choosing to learn from history. 

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Meet Your Guide

Your Facilitator, Patrick

Patrick Mosher is an author, speaker, advisor, consultant, coach, teacher, husband, father and granddaddy. 

"I'm passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations get from Point A to Point B -- with Energy, Momentum....and Achieving Success!  Dreaming is easy.  Dreaming up amazing strategies and goals is GREAT.  But executing those strategies and living INTO those dreams?  Well, that's where the journey gets REAL interesting and where most people and organizations need a little help!"  


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