Newgrange Ireland Wisdom Council

Activating Community Life

September 17th-20th, 2024
with Patrick Mosher and Sara Krachman

An Invitation

Wisdom Council Facilitator, Patrick Mosher, gives you a peek into the Wisdom Council experience and invites you to our 2024 Wisdom Council.


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On the morning of the Winter Solstice, sunrise aligns exactly with Newgrange, a prehistoric monument in Ireland overlooking the River Boyne.  Newgrange is a stunning example of a passage tomb built during the Neolithic Period, around 3200 BCE, making it older than Stonehenge and the Egyption pyramids.  But how? 

Newgrange's construction, without the most basic of modern tools, must have require deep cooperation among individuals. How was such a monument built, in this time-intensive and humanpower-intensive way, at a time when basic survival needs were so immediately pressing?  How was the community activated to work together to build Newgrange?

That's Exactly The Aim We Seek To Explore Today...Activating Community Life.


What will you experience from the Newgrange Ireland Wisdom Council?

  • Awe.  As you consider the time, effort, and cooperation it would have taken to build Newgrange.
  • Clarity.  Of what you are truly supposed to do in this lifetime.
  • Confidence.  That you have the SuperPower, tools and community to make your Significant Impact in the world.
  • Connection.  With an amazing group of people with whom you want to collaborate.
  • Momentum.  With the most strategic project you need to accomplish right now.
  • Eagerness.  To share your fresh story of your awe-mazing Newgrange Ireland experience.
  • Yearning.  To get back home and implement new strategies, tactics and tools.
  • Gratitude.  For this once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity.

Yes, your time is precious. 

Spend your time gathering experiences that significantly BOOST your wisdom!

Wonder and wisdom ooze from the very stones of Newgrange's ancient structure.  You just need a guide that shows you what to look for, how to pick it up and how to put it into play.

It’s your time to make your Significant Impact!

At Newgrange Ireland Wisdom Council, we will sit in circle.  You will share what you need to do to lean into the most important work you have in this lifetime.  You’ll share how YOU can lean more intentionally into your Life Purpose.  We’ll share strategies, tools and frameworks we use to overcome inertia, handle conflict, build momentum. 

4 days to sit in circle.  Hash out the most important stuff to make your significant impact.  Share your wisdom.  Help others unleash their superpowers. 

And then there’s the ancient structure of Newgrange.

Walk inside the inner stone cruciform chamber of Newgrange, admire the passage tombs of Knowth and Dowth, wonder and learn about other henges, burial mounds, and standing stones.  

You are transported in time.  You are witness to the activation of a community.  You feel it, right? 

Newgrange holds a key as it has for centuries.  This impressive example of ancient construction, inspires our activities today.

Find your key for navigating these urgent times.  How will you find, gather, inspire, and activiate others to your mission?

Let Newgrange INSPIRE YOU to activate your community.

Yes, we are ... Building a Better World for Future Generations!


Are you ready to take a few steps and LIVE INTO your Significance? 

The Wisdom Council application takes about 30 minutes to complete.  Even if you're not thinking about joining us, take the assessment!  It's a great way to assess how well you are living into your Significance.

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The idea of Wisdom Council was seeded in a South Dakota tipi.  As our group sat in circle, we discussed issues in our camp.  We made decisions about what we would do that day.  Who was going to get wood.  Who was going to build the fires for sweatlodge.  As I looked around the circle, I realized this is how it had been done by aboriginal people for centuries. 

Sitting in circle.  No lead.  Each person contributing their unique talent to help the tribe do more than just survive.  They thrived!

In that moment, I knew I had to bring that tradition into our contemporary way of being. 

Wisdom Council was born.

2022 Delphi Wisdom Council

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