Four Keys to Wise Leadership in Turbulent Times: Leadership Key #1

As a leader at this epic time in human history, you have a tremendous opportunity.  I don't believe in good or bad luck.  You serendipitously crafted your world to be exactly where you are.

Whether you are navigating your business or your family through this turbulent time, the world needs you and your talent NOW!

From 30 years of consulting to Global 1000 executives through their most strategic initiatives, I extracted four keys to leadership in turbulent times. 

This is Patrick Mosher's Leadership 101 training.

Are you ready?

Leadership Key #1.  Envision Rally Points 

Some call it Shared Vision.  Others call it Implementable Strategy.  Maybe it’s a Goal or Ambition.  Call it whatever you want.  Important thing is to Envision that Rally Point.  Envision something that's in the distance.  A vision that grabs people's hearts and their passion to GO!  Paint a picture.  How does it look and feel?  Tell a story of what happens when you get there.  Give people a reason for following you through thick and thin because they believe in the Rally Point!

Leaders often complain about 'millennials.'  The term 'millennial' as a class of people is a cheap term because there is no such thing as a millennial or boomer or anything else.  We don't fit in one category with the exact same values.  When I started in my career, there was this axiom.  When a supervisor says "Jump,"  you ask "How High?"  In general, we've evolved since those days.  Now when asked to 'Jump' we ask, "Why?" 

From that perspective, I always tried to 'sell' my work to my direct reports.  I need to sell them the VALUE of the work we're doing.  That's a Rally Point.

Here's an example.  I was working on a merger integration project with Best Buy in Canada.  Merger integrations were the most challenging projects.  Simple decisions were hard because so many people demanded to be included.   We faced hundreds of issues every day and fought just to survive the day.  Every day.  I had a team of over 20 consultants.  Every week we had a Wednesday evening meeting when teams reported issues and progress.  Just staying afloat was a good day.  Mid-project, my team filed into our conference room for our weekly gathering.  My program manager began with a tired voice.  'Let's start with Real Estate.  What open issues do you want to report.'

I looked around the room.  ZERO energy.  They were spent.

Time for a recharge.


Startled, they all looked up.

Everyone put your papers down.  Sit back in your chairs.  Close your eyes and let me tell you a story. 

Best Buy stores saturate the United States.  Their primary growth strategy is to expand internationally.  This project is critical for their future.  They entrusted this $1B jewel in the hands of the 20 people in this room.  Your hands.


I'm not in it to put more money in the bank for Best Buy.

I'm not in it to put more money in the bank for Accenture.

Here's what makes me bounce out of bed every Monday morning for this project.

Next Christmas morning, there's a little boy in Toronto who's going to bounce out of his bed and race downstairs.  He's going to rip open a package and squeal with delight that he got EXACTLY what he wanted. 

And you 20 people in this room made that possible.  

That's why I'm in it.

Remember, we're not just doing a project.  We're not just putting money in the bank for Best Buy and Accenture.  We're changing the landscape of an entire industry in an entire country.  And we're doing it for that little boy in Toronto this coming Christmas.

Now go back to your hotel rooms and get some sleep. 

That's a Rally Point.

I received so many complements about that meeting.  And my team jumped ALIVE again!

Create Rally Points that engage your people!    

Try this out

Complete this sentence:  I'm going to work for <INSERT YOUR RALLY POINT HERE>!   

Engage people's passions.  Their hearts.  Their core being.

As you begin using this practice, understand that the Rally Point that sparks you, may not resonate with everybody on your team.  

As you build your Rally Point Mastery, you'll get better at reading what matters to people and creating a Rally Points that engage people with diverse goals. 

In turbulent times when the future is uncertain, envision a Rally Point which engages and motivates your people.  Give them hope as they navigate through each energy-depleting challenge. 

Wise Leaders LEAD with Rally Points!


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