An Unprecedented Time in Human History!

In the late 90's I was asked to speak on a Change Management panel.  About 60 people packed into the little classroom.  During Q&A, someone asked about the Graying of America.  The first two panelists gave their answers about investing in pharmaceuticals, boomerang parents and dementia.  Basically, the burden old folks put on our society.  I was next and I'm sure I gave an incredibly enlightened answer which I can't remember today. 

The fourth panelist glanced down at the three of us, looked at the crowd and said, "My fellow panelists have interesting and important perspectives, but I have a different one.  We are entering an unprecedented time in our human history when we have more wisdom on the planet than any other time.  And we're wasting it."  

You could hear a pin drop.

Something in me changed forever in that moment.  Ask yourself, do you feel like you are basking in the amazing wisdom that exists IN THIS MOMENT on our planet?  Yea, me neither.  Twenty years ago, I was in the presence of an incredible wisdom …. about wisdom. 

And so….we must Begin. 

Begin to understand what Wisdom is.  Begin to honor and respect when we're in the presence of Wisdom.  And most importantly, Begin to share our wisdom.

Webster dictionary says wisdom is the soundness of ACT or DECISION based on knowledge, experience and good judgment.  Wisdom is in MOTION!  It propels us forward with ACTION!  What would you like to move forward?  Maybe a pet project.  Maybe a new product launch.  Maybe, just maybe, you have a HUGE aspiration …. to change the world for good:  Feed the hungry.  Empower 1,000,000 women.  Eradicate mediocrity. 

No matter your mission, WISDOM is the way to get where you want  … faster, with less risk and with joy. 

Where can you find the Wisdom to live into your passion, achieve your mission, leave your legacy?

I gather Wisdom by talking to people who have experience with the path I'm on.  Those who conquered the struggles I'm going through.  I surround myself with high performers that lift my game.  I hone my talent by engaging my business coaches and spiritual mentors.  I gather Wisdom Gems by entertaining diverse ideas and perspectives outside of my clique, clan and culture.

For example, I studied with Lakota Elders for 25 years.  In that time, I barely scratched the surface of their knowledge, their wisdom.  Those Elders are gone now.  It's up to me to preserve and share what they so freely shared with me.  That's the key.  Tap into the ancient wisdom and share it.  Every year I take people to a sacred place like Machu Picchu, Newgrange and Stonehenge.  We talk about our missions and plans to change the world for good.  We talk to aboriginal elders and hear their stories. 

But you don't have to go to far away places to harvest the Wisdom of Elders.  The beauty of this unprecedented time in human history is we are born into an amazing network of Elders!    Our parents, grandparents and even great grandparents.  Just ask them about their story.  Patiently wade through the some of the less valuable stuff and mine the gems.  The Wisdom is there!

Both of my grandfathers crouched in the trenches of France during WWI.  Both gassed.  Both survived.  I think of them when I face something real tough.  In that moment, my tension eases and what I'm facing doesn't seem so bad.  I thank my grandfathers for the courage they had to live through their monumental challenges.   That's Wisdom in Action!

I'd LOVE to chat with them about their experiences.  Learn from them.  Glean some of that courage.  DECIDE and ACT with the unbendable belief that a better life lies ahead. 

I suppose we can look at our Elders as a burden.  I suppose you can invest in pharmaceuticals.  You can worry about boomerang parents, dementia and the graying of America.  That's a choice you make.

Just like my fellow panelist, I choose a different perspective.

I choose Wisdom.  Wisdom 4 Humanity.

Our human existence depends on gathering wisdom gems and sharing OUR stories, supporting younger generations in their journey because they will do great things we can't imagine. 

Join the Wisdom 4 Humanity movement!  Share your wisdom story and save the world! 

We depend on you.


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