business acceleration Dec 09, 2019

As we close this year and enter a new one, there will be lots of New Year resolutions.  Lots of ambitious plans about how the new year holds promise for a brighter future.

Before moving on from this year, though, take a few moments to celebrate what you've done THIS YEAR.  Do your Annual Review. 

When I was consulting, our annual review process looked back on the year.  We completed a form, encapsulating our performance for the year.  Early in my 28-year career, I realized the power of the Annual Review.  Sure, it was important because my supervisor read this document and recommended my performance rating and promotion.  Important.  MORE importantly, in this single document was a description of a year of my professional life!  2000 working hours.  All the sweat and tears.  All the client wins.  Team bonding events.  My learnings, especially the ones learned the hard way!   Yes, my struggles.  All was there.  One document.  That's it.

Wow!  Seems unfair and yet, it is what it is. 

I now have quite a different perspective of that Annual Review document. 

I'm deep into my family's history, our genealogy.  My great great grandmother, Ellen Hurley, left Ireland during the potato blight famine when she was 2 years old.  She came to America during the heat of the Civil War.  Married at 15.  Had 5 children.  I'm grateful for her persistence.  We know so little of her and her life.  Birth and death records.  Census.  That's about it.

Wouldn't it be cool if she laid out just one page for each year of her life?  Highlights of accomplishments, struggles, milestones.  I'm not talking about journals and journals of stories.  That'd be great too.  I'd love an autobiography.  But imagine the simplicity of one carefully constructed page per year. 


Maybe that Annual Review in one document is genius after all! 

Before this year completes, review this past year.  On a single page, document your accomplishments, the 'firsts' you experienced, your key learnings and at the top of that page, draft this year's headline. 

Draft that one pager and imagine your great great granddaughter sitting down.  Getting comfortable.  And reading your story.  She opens up to this one page from this past year.  Make her smile.  Help her learn about who you are.  About who SHE is.  Make her proud of her heritage.

This year I had the opportunity to travel to Delphi where the Oracle of Ancient Greece prophesized.  People came from all over ancient civilization to ask her their one most important question.  Kings, philosophers and generals came to ask her questions of governance, conquest and power.  When asked a question, she responded with absolute truth. 

When I visited this amazing temple in Delphi, I stood in front of the temple, now majestic ruins, and asked my question.  Her answer was clear and is my headline for this year:

"Focus on the One Thing that Matters Most."

As you read this post, you're helping me focus on the one thing that matters the most.  YOU are the one thing that matters most to me – serving you with my stories and a touch of wisdom.  Thank you.

Shine Boldly!

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