Beauty in the In Between

I love to take walks in the woods.  It's refreshing and yanks me out of my routine.

Yesterday, I walked on a trail.  Slightly uphill so I stopped to catch my breath.  Due to my COPD, I have a recovery routine.  I close my eyes.  Focus intently on taking deep breaths.  I feel my heart slowly backing down to a normal heart rate.  I open my eyes and continue onward.

As I contemplated my Recovery Routine yesterday, I thought about other Recovery Routines in my life. 

I don't have enough of them.

High Performers want to GO.  I see Recovery Time as simply the time between Task A and Task B.   Shorten the Recovery Time and efficiency improves.


Get to know your Recovery Routines!  How much time do you need?  What do you do to optimize recovery to get back in the game? 

Here's the tricky part:  with any spike in activity, how do you recover physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually?


I don't often think about Emotional or Spiritual Recovery Routines, do you?

All this swimming in my head last night on the trail. 

Instead of closing my eyes and waiting for my heart to stop racing, I break my physical Recovery Routine.

I look over and to my delight,

I see BEAUTIFUL mushrooms white as snow!


I lay down on the trail and take a picture from what I call the "Alice in Wonderland" perspective. 


Feel like crawling underneath and putting your head on the soft moss to fall peacefully asleep?

The universe presents us with magical moments even during Recovery Time.  It's not just Task A leading to Task B.  Noticing the IN BETWEEN time reveals MORE of the universe's gifts!

We are at a unique time in history.  A friend of mine called it The Great Pause. 

Is Mother Nature giving us major Recovery Time?  Time to reflect on what really matters.  Time to clean up our attics and garages.  Time to clean up the cluttered spaces in our brains and hearts.

Time to see and enjoy the beauty around us!

What Beauty are you noticing in this In Between Time?


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