Convert Stress into Power

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It has both positive and negative connotations, doesn't it?

POWER is defined as the capacity or ability to direct influence on the behavior of others. 

Power, then, is capacity or potential. 

I prefer physics' definition of POWER:  Work exerted over time.  In the scientific world, Power isn't potential, it's Active.  In the world.

Physics would define capacity to exert Power more accurately as Potential Energy.

Potential Energy is:

  • A Ball Dropping = Distance + Gravity
  • Hot Water = Temperature Gradients between Air and Water
  • A Coiled Spring = Elastic
  • An Inflated Balloon = Air Pressure

You see the ball, water, spring and balloon don't have potential energy until you do something to them.  You stress their comfortable environment.  Potential Energy builds when it wants to return to a more stable state, but it can't.

Isn't the same true for us?

We define Stressors as those things that make us uncomfortable, driving us to action that returns us to a more comfortable state.

We even use science to describe Potential Energy!

  • Time to Drop the Shoe (Gravity)
  • Let's Heat Things Up (Temperature Gradient)
  • Gotta Bounce Back (Elasticity)
  • Set Higher Goals (Pressure)

Want to learn how to re-frame Stressors as Potential Energy Generators?

It just takes a mindset shift!

Think of a Stressor you are experiencing right now.  It could be a difficult relationship.  A missed deadline.  An unrealized ambition.

Got it?

Now, ask yourself these three questions:  How can this stressor…

  • Build Competency to fill a glaring gap
  • Reveal a new piece of Knowledge
  • Generate a critical Lesson Learned

Here are some mental images you can use to envision and store that Stressor as Potential Energy:

  • As a recoiling spring storing up energy … getting ready to pop
  • Turning up heat on a pot of water …. on the brink of letting off steam
  • As a balloon filling up with more air … stretching the sides
  • As a ball getting lifting higher in the air … getting ready to drop

In every Stressor there is an opportunity to store beautiful Potential Energy. 

Isn't that a more empowering way to look at your Stressor? 

Releasing Potential Energy Generates True Power

Now that you've stored that Potential Energy in a positive way, when should you release it? 

You see, an object itself doesn't have Power. 

  • An uncoiled spring just sits
  • A ball on the floor just sits
  • A deflated balloon just sits
  • A pot of water just sits

Potential Energy is defined by the system, not the object. 

  • The spring needs the brick and pressure
  • The ball needs ground, height and gravity
  • The balloon needs air, pressure and a tiny hole
  • The water needs a container, heat and air

Are you ready for the real mic drop?

Systems generate power, not people! 

You don't HAVE power.  You exert Energy into a system and see how much POWER is generated by how much other people move.  Do people act differently because of the energy you released?

Now that's POWER! 

Finding the optimal time to release your Potential Energy means you need to read the system.  Determine the right Offer, the right People and the right Time for maximum impact. 

In summary, High Performers:

  • Efficiently STORE Potential Energy from Stressors
  • LEARN from pain, challenge, difficulty and losses
  • RELEASE Potential Energy with the right Offer, the right People and at the right Time

This generates Power. 

This is when you achieve your goals. 

This is when you fundamentally change the way people work and live in your community and the world.

And this …. is Wisdom 4 Humanity!


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