Leadership Key #4_Create an Environment for Meta-Learning

As a leader at this epic time in human history, you have a tremendous opportunity.  I don't believe in good or bad luck.  You serendipitously crafted your world to be exactly where you are.

Whether you are navigating your business or your family through this turbulent time, the world needs you and your talent NOW!

From 30 years of consulting to Global 1000 executives through their most strategic initiatives, I extracted four keys to leadership in turbulent times. 

This is Patrick Mosher's Leadership 101 training.

Are you ready?

Envisioning Rally Points is Leadership Key #1.

Setting Trail Markers is Leadership Key #2. 

Generating Momentum is Leadership Key #3. 

Leadership Key #4.  Creating an Environment for Meta-Learning

The last key and is about learning.  Every Wise Leader engages their team on how and what their team learns.   Constantly.  Deeply.  In the Moment. 

The consulting world is fast-paced.  Clients pay a lot of money, so they expect results.  And they want them NOW!  Get it DONE!  Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.  Never much time to step back and learn.  You've heard the term,'Sink or Swim, right? 

On my project, my teams and I would walk out of steering committee meetings and head to a conference room for our debrief.  Steering committee meetings were intense.  Critical issues were wrestled producing resolutions which did not please everyone.  Compromises were often made.  Decisions were made while contrary options were squashed.  And sometimes, clients beat us up.  We didn't have adequate data for this.  Didn't talk to the right people for that.  Often, we'd walk into the debrief meeting and my team would ask, 'What's next?'  They expect me to rail someone about the lack of information or provide directives.  'Person A, do this.  Person B, do that.' 

Instead, I'd ask, 'What'd you learn from today's Steering Committee?'


In the beginning of my projects, this question threw my teams off balance.  They'd want to talk about the project.  I would insist, 'What'd you learn from a personal development perspective?'

  • About the interpersonal dynamics in the meeting
  • About the decision-making styles of the different client leaders?
  • About facilitating an agenda when it gets off-track
  • About conflict management and negotiation? 

The more they got used to me asking the question, 'what'd you learn,' the more they went INTO meetings with an intention of learning.  This is what I call, Creating an Environment for Meta-Learning.  They were learning how to learn.

I can proudly say after 20 years, many of my direct reports say when we worked together was one of their best projects.  Why?  Because as a leader, I cared about them.  Their learning.  Their development as a future leader. 

After years roll by, people won't remember project details, but they will certainly remember the relationships. 

I cared about my peeps.  I took serious responsibility for stewarding our precious time together.  It's my job to help them grow!

People's personal missions and project missions can and should align.  As a leader, when you deliver an environment where people build competencies that matter to them, they'll stick with you through thick and thin.  They'll see your project as a critical path to achieving their Life's Mission!

Wise Leaders Create a Meta-Learning Environment!

Leadership is a craft, honed over the long haul.  These are the four keys to leadership which unlock VALUE in Turbulent times:

  • Envisioning a Rally Point
  • Setting Trail Markers
  • Generating Momentum
  • Creating a Meta-learning Environment

That's Patrick Mosher's Leadership 101.

Did that help?

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Now …. Lead!


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