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I've had lots of conversations recently about TIME.  Perhaps its because over the last year most people have radically transformed how they spend time.  

I LOVE to think about Time at a global level and across generations.  Big picture stuff.

Let's begin.

Guess what global life expectancy was in 1926?  Got a number in your head?

What was it in 2017?  Got that number.

Most people are way off.  

In 1926 the average global life expectancy was 36 years.  In 2017, it was 72.


Why did I pick 1926?  That's the year my Dad was born.  Isn't it amazing to think in just two generations from Dad to me, we DOUBLED life expectancy on the planet!

Let's push this graph.  

Researchers believe early humans from 30,000 years ago lived about 30 years.  Extrapolating the Time dimension on the graph above to the left to 30,000 BC, the line from 30,000 BC to 1926 is flat.  For 30,000 years up until my Dad was born, humans lived to 30-35 years old.  

What happened in the 91 years from 1926 to 2017?

Researchers say the primary contributor to increases in global life expectancy come from economic development, resulting in causes of death to transition from communicable diseases, like infections and parasites, to non-communicable diseases, like cardiovascular failure and cancer.  

Maybe that's why this Pandemic is so scary for us!  We feel vulnerable -- as people did FOREVER before my Dad was born.

Our extended life comes from amazing advances in medical care, advanced health strategies, changes in nutrition and lifestyle, etc.

When you feel stressed about anything, STOP.  Take a moment.  Breathe.  Get a picture in your head of a beloved grandmother, grandfather, favorite aunt or whomever.  Give thanks to your ancestors because they gave you the greatest gift any human can bestow on another.  TIME.  

Yes, YOU are blessed!

Every person on the planet has more time in a lifetime than ever before in human history!

That means our human species is evolving at an ALARMING rate.

I wonder.

Remember that kid in 6th grade that got that growth spurt and was 6 foot tall?  S/he had massive catching up to do with his/her body.  Gross motor and fine motor skills were discombobulated.  They hunched over to feel like everyone else.  People thought s/he was older and s/he was ostracized for being immature.  S/he lacked the emotional maturity to go with their size.  They strove to feel …. normal.  

Lots of growing up to do in so little time.

Here's my hypothesis:  

Natural evolution typically takes many generations over many centuries

  • EXAMPLE:  We still have coccyx bones as remnants of tails we had.  Do you remember our tails?

As a human species we are seeing evolutionary changes within our lifetime!  

Kudos to us!


As a human species, are we experiencing a growth spurt like that kid in 6th grade?  

  • In the last 90 years, have we, as an entire human species, DOUBLED our emotional intelligence?
  • In the last 90 years, have we, as an entire human species, DOUBLED our social skills – able to live in community with our diverse population?

Are we emotionally and socially evolved enough to handle our growth spurt?

We're not there.

I have hope.

We, as a human species, got to the top of the food chain because we Adapt better than any other species.  Adapt comes from Latin, to join fitted.  Adapt is my word for 2021.  

We are in the midst of a Conscious Evolution.

We must Adapt, Join Fitted – emotionally and socially. 

Reach deep into your DNA, find your most authentic self and then be extremely human….

Be You …and ADAPT!


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