Facing Prolonged Uncertainty with Confidence

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Uncertainty leads to doubt.

Prolonged doubt leads to despair.


How can you drain that despair and face prolonged uncertainty with confidence?

We humans LOVE certainty.  We call it safety.  We call it security.  We call it freedom.  We want to predict what lies ahead because it gives us relief.  Our brains can let go a little bit and coast.  Glide.  

And yet…

Our brains are energized by uncertainty.  We crave Novelty.  Newness.  Creation.  Innovation.

We humans are a paradox.

When I was a change management consultant, I often heard in boardrooms, hallways and cubicles, a popular phrase, 'change is the only constant.'  This phrase was quoted from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus (hair-uh-clite-us) who said, "Change is the Only Constant in Life."  

I learned to hate that phrase.

It was usually a response to someone struggling with the relentless onslaught of change.  The consoling person would put their hand on the despairing person's shoulder and utter, "change is the only constant."

What a TERRIBLE way to console someone who is struggling!

However, digging into that ancient Greek philosophy, I found GOLD.


When facing uncertainty and change, dig deep and find the Constants in your life.  The things you can rely on that don't change.  

When you're feeling overwhelmed, doubt, fatigue, stress, drop everything.  Take a deep breath.  Get as 100% present in this very moment.  Let go of what has happened and what might happen.  

Take another deep breath.

And then try one of these:  

  • Look at the sparkle in your children's or grandchildren's eyes as they play 
  • Re-read your wedding vows to your long-time spouse
  • Go outside, take off your shoes and socks and step onto the Earth.  Feel the nourishing freshness spread across your sole.

These actions tap into your Constants.  The things you can rely on.  Every day.  Any time.  

They are the things you take for granted.  The things you assume are true because they are ever present.  They are Constant.

Constants like Fidelity, Sunshine, Growth, Novelty, Joy, Fresh Air, Gravity, Waking Up.

What are YOUR Constants?  Get a glimpse of harmony with the universe.  

Your Confidence will find the uplifted corners of your mouth.

Elevate your Constants into more awareness.  Make them more visible.  Appreciate them frequently.  Turn your Constant Appreciation into a routine or ritual.  

And encourage others to re-discover their appreciation for their Constants.  

The Constant Appreciation movement has begun!

In the face of prolonged uncertainty, don't despair!  Find a little bit of stable ground to stand on.  Re-discover your rock.  Your Constants are ALWAYS there.

Face Uncertainty with Constant Appreciation.


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