From First Kisses to Financial Freedom: Reframing Life Through Story

Your life stories are works of art! 🔥


Your Weekly Wisdom Mastery — 

From First Kisses to Financial Freedom: Reframing Life Through Story

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Your Weekly Growth Challenge — 

Try the…

🔥 Storyteller's Perspective Challenge 🔥

1) Think of a simple, mundane interaction or moment you've experienced that seemed insignificant at the time.

2) Reflect on that experience from a new perspective - imagine you are an outsider encountering that situation for the first time.

What details would strike you?
What assumptions might be challenged?

3) Without explicitly stating a moral or lesson, write out the experience as a short vignette or story, highlighting the contrasts in perspectives.

4) Share your story with others and have them interpret the themes, lessons or insights they derived, without you providing your own interpretation first.

5) Discuss how leaving the meaning open to the "beholder" allows for fresh perspectives.

What new angles did others see that you missed initially?

6) Reflect on how shifting your perspective and leaving stories open-ended can lead to deeper insights.

Learn Deeply & Continuously!

Your Weekly Wisdom Quote — 

“Stories are works of art.” — Patrick Mosher

My goal is to share wisdom with you every week, helping you live a life that's 100% empowered, growing each day along the way.

Thank you for being on this journey with me,

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