A Wisdom Story about Internal Resistance

#business acceleration Aug 06, 2019

Are you living every day to your fullest potential?  If not, you're experiencing RESISTANCE. 

Webster tells us the definition of Resistance is refusing to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument.  Sure, that's a noble view of resistance, especially when resisting evil forces.

In this weekly broadcast, we're talking about Internal Resistance:  the forces YOU put in place which prevent you from accomplishing your goals, your mission. 

When I think of Internal Resistance, I lean towards the scientific definition: 

The degree to which a substance or device opposes the flow of an electric current, causing energy dissipation. 

Your Internal Resistance obstructs flow….and energy dissipates!  Yep, THAT's the truth! 

Ever feel like you are dissipating energy while making ZERO progress?  Instead of opening that blank page and begin writing, you surf the internet for inspiration….for a few hours.  Instead of calling that promising prospect, you tell yourself tomorrow they'll be more ready for your call.  Or you convince yourself a little more research will help you make that big decision. 

We self-sabotage.

The scientific symbol of Resistance PERFECTLY represents!

If a straight line represents the most efficient path to get from Point A to Point B, does Resistance look efficient to you?  If you're at Point A and Point B is achieving your goals, don't you want to get to your destination fast, with less risk and more joy along the way? 


When does Internal Resistance rear its ugly head?  At the most inconvenient times!

  • Right before we are ready to engage our most important tasks. This is called INERTIA.
  • When we kick into gear and start showing progress. This is called FRICTION.
  • When the long arduous journey nears completion. Victory is in our sights.  This is the ENDLESS LAST MILE.

We self-sabotage as we pursue our most important work, our Mission.

If you want to move a mountain, you have to pick up a rock.  Sometimes overcoming resistance is that easy...make that first call, type that first word, tell one person about your big decision.

And then head for the next rock...


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