It’s a Good Day ‘To Live’

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This weekend, I spent the day in the woods.  50 degrees.  Sunny.  I even built a fire.

I sit down on a stump.  As I reflect, a meditation comes.

Work hard enough to have enough

Don't have enough?

Then make do with what you have

Can't make do?

Work hard to make do.

In between the time spent Working Hard and Making Do, there is Being Present.  

Notice and be grateful for the littlest of things 

Celebrate the gift of waking up in the morning

Notice the radiant beauty of flowers

Close your eyes and feel the breeze across your face

Listen to the diverse songs of each songbird 

Feel mud or sand squish between your middle toes

Feel cool air fill each portion of your lungs as that air rushes deep into your body

In a flash of a moment

Let your soul be filled
With Everything the Universe provides
Just to YOU
In this Present Moment

Sometimes we get lost on the brightly lit path from point A to B.  As we push forward, we often don't see the beauty and blessings.  STOP.  See the EarthGlow.  Always there.  Dimmed only by our UNI-FOCUS on getting to Point B.  

Let the meander light your true path.  

Itsy Bitsy Spider

So here I am, minding my own business and I feel something on my neck.  It is a crawly of some sort.  

I carefully swipe it down in front of me.  As if in slow motion, I see the spider spin a thread to catch itself on the way down.  And it lands gently on the Earth in front of me.  It's a reddish orangish spider.  About ¾ inches big, including legs.  


I continue in my meditation.  A few minutes later, Red Spider crawls up the front of me.  So easy to see on my green sweatshirt.  I'm not a big spider lover, so as I swipe it down again, I blurt, 

“What do you want?!?”   

Did I hear it say? 

"To Live"   

And again, it catches itself as it lands gently on the ground in front of me.  I continue my reverie and AGAIN Red Spider crawls up the front of my sweatshirt!    

As I swipe it down for a third time, I ask, 

"What do you want from ME?"  

The wind blows and the fire in front of me billows smoke right into my eyes.  

I don't see Red Spider anymore and I wonder if I swiped it right into the fire!  

I tear up … due to the billowy smoke, of course.  I wonder what Red Spider wants from me.  

As I get up and reach down, I see … 

Red Spider

Sitting right in the center of a black piece of cloth as if it were an emblem painted right on it.  

I smile, look up and say a short prayer.  

"To Live"

I bend down to pick up the black cloth.  

Red Spider vanished.

Take a moment and pray:  

It's a Good Day to Live!


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