Pivot to the Now

I have the honor of participating in a few non-profit boards.  These are enjoyable experiences for me.  I feel good about giving.  They receive value from expertise gathered from my 28-year consulting career.  It's a nice exchange.

And then, COVID-19 Pandemic struck.

As I attended calls with leaders of two of these organizations, I listened to reactions, both realistic and pessimistic.  Both organizations rely heavily on live events and programs as a major source of income, so of course, the future looks quite dim.

Yesterday looks a lot like today and tomorrow will look a lot like yesterday.  Recovering any semblance of the past looks unlikely.  Predicting the future with any accuracy seems foolish.  Tough to steer your car using only your rear-view mirror.  Only works if you drive backwards.

Waiting to return to status quo is simply spinning in place.  The engine in idle mode.  A dog chasing its tale.  A shark swimming in circles. 

Wise Leaders move forward.   


Adopt a strategy which I call, Pivot to the Now.

The good news is … you already started!

On a piece of paper, list 5 new habits you started in the last 6 weeks. 

  • Spending more time on homework / homeschooling with your children
  • Doing (at least) one workout every day
  • Daily meditation, yoga, tai chi
  • Walking in the park

For me, I increased intention on 6+1 new habits to boost my immunity:

  1. Diaphragmatic breath exercises
  2. Hydrating twice as much
  3. Eating more greens
  4. Sleeping 7-8 hours every night
  5. 50 pushups every day
  6. Positive Mindset

+1 = work in alignment with my Life Mission!

When this storm passes, should you just STOP these new positive habits?  Of course not!  You're already Pivoting to the New!

What does Pivoting to the New look like for your project or business?


Breaking Paradigms.  More Creativity.  Just like at home, you need to reframe your Now Thinking.

Start where people are….in their Now.  These questions may help:

  • What is the conversation in the heads of the people you serve?  In this moment? 
  • How are they feeling? 
  • Where are they physically?

Next questions:

  • What is the core purpose of your business or life mission? 
  • What distinct value do you add to the people you serve? 
  • How can you deliver that distinct value where they are Now – physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually? 

To get even more creative, start with a powerful 'what if.'   

"What if" you started your life mission or business today?

  • How would you deliver your distinct value to the people you serve? 
  • How would you conduct more meaningful events where they live? 
  • How do you enable students to accelerate their learning from home? 
  • How do you create social learning and collaboration opportunities?
  • What unit of value can generate breakeven revenue for your business within this year?  
    HINT:  It is NOT live events or programs where people gather in masses!

Wise leaders do not spin.  When they experience outrageous circumstances, they see outrageous opportunities!  They generate great innovative solutions!  Mater Atrium Necessitas.  The Mother of Invention is Necessity. 

Final paradigm breaking question…

  • How can you 10X your business revenues or 10X the speed to your life's mission … within this year? 

You basically have two choices of action.

You can rely on stockpiled reserves to survive.  Wait and spin.  Emerging depleted and ready to engage a status quo that no longer exists.


You can develop a strategy to thrive by Pivoting to the Now.

The non-profit leaders with whom I work are brainstorming AMAZING new strategies as they Pivot to the Now:

  • Developing and rolling out online courses
  • Creating online donor programs
  • Deepening relationships with past donors and future prospectd with videoconferencing technologies
  • Educating with new instructional technologies

The key to thriving in an uncertain environment is figuring out how to drive VALUE in new and innovative ways.

Time to add a touch of wisdom to your strategy and stir vigorously.

Live 100% Empowered!


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