Power Resistance and Feeling Empowered

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"I don't wanna"

"I'm too tired."  

"I'm bored"

I heard myself whine because my fingertips were cold in this Minnesota winter 

Feel the resistance rising?  See it in others around you?


I thought about the root word of my mantra, "Live 100% Empowered."


What is Power anyway?

Science defines Power as the amount of energy transferred per unit of time.  Makes sense right?  When you empower your team, you transfer energy to them, carrying them for a certain period of time.  You inject more energy along the way to sustain them.  

As I walked in the woods in the Minnesota December cold, I got thinking.  What is nature's version of Power?  What better model than …. 

a lightning strike!  

Ever see a lightning strike go from cloud to ground?

I have.  Summertime on Pine Ridge reservation.  Fierce storm raging.  Rain relentlessly pelting my tent.  Shearing winds test my tent poles.  Menacing clouds circle over us.  As my fear rises, I peak out from my tent and ….  


Temporarily blinded and deafened, I was both terrified and awestruck by nature's display of Pure Power! 

Did you know that a Lightning Strike takes a mere 0.2 seconds from cloud to ground!  It travels at 270 miles per hour and delivers 1 BILLION joules of pure energy!  That's 500 BILLION watts of electrical power.  To give you a reference point, the household outlet that could kill you delivers 1800 to 2400 watts.  

500 BILLION watts 


Nature is PERFECT.  She acts and reacts exactly as she should.  All the time.  Every time.  She generates the power she needs and DELIVERS magnificently!

Here's my reasoning:  If I'm one small part of nature, I, too, have the Power to respond with the same magnificent power of a Lightning Strike!

How much energy can I generate in my Self-Empowerment process?   And how much energy do my puny resistances and whining generate?  

I have the capability to deliver Power…0.2 seconds at 270 miles per hour with the power of a LIGHTNING BOLT!  


As I walked in the woods going through this mental exercise, I realized my fingertips were no longer cold.  Whining abated just by THINKING about Power and Energy!

Empowerment is electric….and it delivers!  

Just by saying, "Live 100% Empowered" generates energy.

  • Resisting doing tonight's dishes?  Puny Resistance
  • Resisting plowing the driveway today?  Puny Resistance
  • Resisting another Zoom call?  Puny Resistance

You've got LIGHTNING inside of you!

What is the wattage of YOUR empowerment?

Nature gave me 500 billion joules!

Live 100% EmPOWERed 



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