Stringing Pearls of Harmonic Moments

What is Harmony? 

In music, harmony are notes played or sung with the main tune that make the piece more complicated and interesting.

One evening, one of my dorm-mates, Ken, invited me to read a passage in a book.  The passage was about a traveler on a magical journey.  What I remember, though, was him playing guitar to create ambience for my reading. 

Have you ever heard a harmonic note played on a guitar? 


I finished reading the passage and wanted him to continue playing.  I sat absolutely still.  Closed my eyes and got delightfully lost in the journey with him.

That was over 40 years ago.  I can still close my eyes and remember that magical moment when I was introduced to guitar harmonics.

I want to share that moment with you, so here's my invitation…

Give yourself a moment.  Get your headphones.  Sit back.  Take a deep breath and take a short journey to last a lifetime.


Alan Gogoll plays Bell's Harmonic. 

Welcome back!


Want to create that kind of harmonic beauty in your everyday world? 

It is possible!

Life is a necklace.  Time is the string.  Each length of that string are moments.  If you live your life as an empowered human being, you co-create the moments. 

Want to learn how to create Pearls of Harmonic Moments?

Live in harmony with your True Purpose.  Every moment in your life contains a unique True Purpose.  Just listen intently enough to Hear it.  See it.  Feel it.  Taste it.  Smell it.  Intuit it.    

Cambridge dictionary gives us another definition of Harmony:  the combination of separate but related parts in a way that uses their similarities to bring unity.

Living in Unity means

  • Living into your purpose
  • Opening your senses to everything surrounding you in the moment
    • Listening to all sounds
    • Seeing everything around you, including what's behind you
    • Feeling how your clothes are resting on your skin
    • Tasting the carrots you eat, knowing which slice comes from different carrots
    • Smelling the intensity of the blooming dogwood tree and richness of Spring mud
  • Letting go of past and future and living into this present moment

Ask yourself:  What does this very moment want from you?


In moments of conflict, I give myself just an ever-so-brief moment to feel the harmony around me and in me.  I let go of my ego.  Of what happened leading to this moment and what may happen next.  I let go to the universe and ask for that Pearl of Harmonic Moment.  What comes next is always perfect. 

Believe me, I have MANY moments I don't feel particularly harmonic with the universe.  Frustration.  Exhaustion.  Overwhelm.  Doubt.  Anxiety.

My visual picture of these moments of doubt and anxiety is an evergreen tree.  Long sweeping boughs down low with short boughs at the top.

The trunk of the tree is Harmony.  As we ascend the tree, we live with greater harmony with our unique purpose, with the people around us and with the necessity of the moment.

We are connected to the tree with a large rubber band.  One end around our mid-section.  The other around the tree.  Living in harmony, we put less tension on the rubber band and we ascend the Harmony Tree.  We string together Pearl after Pearl of Harmonic Moments.

Sounds delightful, right?

However, too often we run AWAY from that harmony, stretching the rubber band further and further away from the tree.  More tension.  As we run further from harmony, we create long sweeping boughs at the bottom.  Disconnected from the harmony of our unique purpose.

What motivates you to run from the Harmony Tree? 

  • Chasing shiny pennies because there's always something prettier over there than right here
  • Eating empty calories -- physical, psychological, social and spiritual
  • Letting fear guide decisions and actions
  • Living safely, but not happily
  • Fulfilling others' expectations, maybe not even aware of your own
  • Reaching for what's possible, not what's necessary

You are not alone!

We all get distracted from our unique purpose.  Living in harmony with your purpose, you climb the tree and accumulate more of those Pearls of Harmonic Moments.  The universe supports your journey.

Kind of like listening to Bell's Harmonic by Alan Gogoll.  Treat yourself to another pearl.  Listen again:  Click 

Let's string some pearls!


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