Taking Back Personal Power

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What a week this has been.

Here in the United States, our capital was stormed and overrun.  We see disturbing pictures on our news programs and throughout our social media channels.  

Our political, nay…our fundamental social system seems at the brink of total annihilation.  

It's not.

You and I are more resilient than the latest Breaking News.  Don't let Breaking News … break anything, especially YOU!

In the course of our human history, we have endured plagues, pandemics, world wars, insurrections, crusades, holy wars.  In fact, we did more than endured.  We EVOLVED.

I believe we are at the brink of an exciting evolution of our humanity.  And you and I have an ESSENTIAL role in moving us along.

Your choice to join this Conscious Evolution occurs … right … NOW.

Let's begin.

First, what do you do with these emotions you're experiencing?  That knot in your stomach?


Yes, right now take a deep diaphragmatic breath.  Shallow breathing tells your body you are in fear mode.  Deep breathing tells your body you are serene.  Your brain fires differently in serenity versus fear mode.

Breathe for serenity.  Breathe for your sanity.

Feeling a little better?  Okay, let's continue.

One of my core philosophies is Live 100% Empowered.  In these turbulent times, it's so easy to give away our personal power.  

We give it away to the latest news program.  We give it away to the latest disturbing social media post.  We give it away to the person wearing the mask or NOT wearing the mask at the grocery store.

Fact is, you are the master controller of your feelings.

Let's distinguish between emotions and feelings.  Emotions are bodily reactions, activated by neurotransmitters and hormones released by your brain.  Although they are initiated from your brain, they are pretty much stimulus response.  Feelings, happen when you give MEANING to your emotions.

Meaning.  That's the key in taking back your personal power in turbulent times.  Meaning is your North Star.  Meaning guides your actions and decisions.

To act and decide with wisdom, which I ASSUME you would like to do, what is at the core of your meaning?

Bottom line?  Core Philosophies.

Can you clearly articulate your 3-5 Core Philosophies?

If you cannot, you are giving away your emotions, feelings and meaning to the latest Breaking News.  

You're LEAKING Personal Power.

STOP!  Breathe.  Plant your feet solidly on the ground.  In fact, put them on bare Earth if you can.  And Reflect.  Take the next 10 minutes and write down your 3-5 Core Philosophies.

Then, do something REALLY BOLD.

Share your 3-5 Core Philosophies with 5 people.  Do it this week.  

Three years ago, I did this exercise at a MasterMind event in California.  In groups of 5, we took 10 minutes to journal our philosophies and then we had 5 minutes to share at our tables.  Here are my 5 Core Philosophies:

  • The Universe is Perfect
  • Live 100% Empowered
  • Learn Deeply and Continuously, Honing Your Talent from the Outside In
  • Choose to Put Your Talent in the World Where it SHINES BOLDLY
  • Mitakuye Oyasin – We are All Related

These five are my guiding lights.  Be bold and share your Core Philosophies with me.  I'd LOVE to hear them!

Put your Core Philosophies on a sign.  Post them visibly somewhere in your home and office.  Let your Core Philosophies wisely guide your decisions and actions.

Take back your Personal Power.

Breathe deeply.  Ground.  Then, guide decisions and actions from your Core Philosophies.



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