The First Step to Perfection

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2018

I finally launched my Success & Significance Monthly program – helping people live INTO their Significance.  The idea was planted at a seminar two years ago!   Why did it take so long?   I'd LOVE to say that the two-year delay was because I built a PERFECT product.  It wasn't.  Far from it!

Then, why did it take 2 years to launch?

 At first, I had a huge desire to launch something that was WORLD CLASS.   After all, I had worked for 28 years at a top consulting company.  I was viewed as world class in my specialty.  What is SO HARD about launching a monthly program?   As it turns out, I made EVERYTHING hard about launching a monthly program!  Studio lighting, curriculum, marketing, software.  I needed EVERYTHING to be just right.

My desire to get everything just right, resulted in planning.  Re-planning.   Re-configuring.  Gathering lessons learned from people who had monthly programs up and running for years.    Re-thinking.  Re-labelling.  Asking for more feedback.  Pivoting.   …. Well, you get the picture.

Then, I wondered if I really wanted to 'feed' a monthly program.  My visualization of a monthly program was a little dog nipping at my calf.   Every month just nipping and yipping.   Motivating image, right?

As you can see, I made the journey A LOT harder than a simple monthly program! 

There are theories upon theories about procrastination.  For me, I was motivated to ACT from a few simple messages from personal development luminaries whom I am humbled to call my friends.

First up, Brendon Burchard.  Brendon says "you can't perfect something until it is released."  If I was ready to release, what was holding me back?  FEAR.  Fear of releasing something less than world class.  Fear of being seen as a failure.   Fear of people seeing chinks in my beautiful shining armor.  Yep, that was me.

If FEAR was one reason I wasn't releasing, the second one was NECESSITY.  I told myself, "If I don't launch this month, I can wait another month to get it just right."  I lacked necessity.

Second up, Rha Goddess.  At a personal development seminar, Rha said from stage, "If you don't bring it, we don't get it."  That hit me like a ton of bricks!  As long as I don't release, I'm withholding my talent from the world!  That's not how I see myself!!   I'm a collaborator!   Her simple statement rolled me back onto my toes!   Let's GO!

I launched.  It wasn't perfect.  The video wasn't well lit.  Sound wasn't great.  Background was too white and not interesting.  I shuffled papers too much.  Too many "um"s and "so"s.   Aargh! 

Third up, Anthony Kirby.  I shared my tarnished win with him, letting him know I was happy with the progress of launching my monthly program but not happy with the quality of the product.   And he reminded me bluntly and lovingly, "if it helps people then the fancy stuff is not important, YOU are the value."  Brings tears to my eyes -- such piercing words of love and respect.

With encouragement along the way, I launched.  I'm happy with the progress AND value.  I'm on my way to perfecting my gift to the world.  It's a journey.  The First Step may be messy.  It may not feel great.   

And the First Step of Perfection is …. Perfect.


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