The First Step Toward Winning Your Day!

productivity purpose vision Oct 08, 2023

I call this picture…

Playing in the Presence of the Sacred

Sometimes the hush of a sacred moment is broken by the squeal of a child.

And you remember to pray with a smile on our face.

Your Weekly Wisdom Mastery — 

Master Your Day: How to Win Your Morning Routine!

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Your Weekly Growth Challenge —

Let’s work to get more purposeful & masterful with your day!

I start with my first step, Win the Morning!

Take a few seconds and think about how you can start your day in the best possible way…

If you’re new to this idea, here’s a few ideas (including some of mine):

1. Think about 3 things your grateful for
2. Listen to something inspiring
3. Visualize your day - your to-do’s and to-feel’s
4. Play a game that challenges your mind (I love Lumosity!)
5. Read your Purpose statement aloud, with enthusiastic energy!

Pick ONE and try it each day this week!

Your Weekly Wisdom Quote — 

“To win my morning, one thing I do is read my Purpose Statement aloud!” — Patrick Mosher

My goal is to share wisdom with you every week, helping you live a life that's 100% empowered, growing each day along the way.

Thank you for being on this journey with me, Live 100% Empowered,



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