The Incredible Powers of Habits

Europe to my...

left. Asia to my right.

Over the last millennia, how many stood right here and looked across the Bosphorus?

The view has certainly evolved from 600 BC to today.

This is the beauty of Istanbul, Crossroads of Civilization.

As I stand here, I feel somehow connected to the many that stood here. I know we have at least one thing in common:

An intense need to discover ….

What’s on the other side!

Your Weekly Wisdom Mastery — 

The Incredible Powers of Habits

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Your Weekly Growth Challenge — 

If habits create rhythm and rhythm creates transformation.


If habits tell us, and others, what our values are.

What are 3 habits you can create to improve the quality of your life, or improve the quality of the lives of others?

What values do those habits demonstrate?

How can you inspire others to create or amplify their habits?

When will you put these ideas into play?

Live 100% Empowered.

Your Weekly Wisdom Quotes — 

“Habits are a part of rhythm, and that rhythm creates transformation.” — Patrick Mosher

“Our habits tell us what our values are.” — Patrick Mosher

“We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.” — Aristotle

My goal is to share wisdom with you every week, helping you live a life that's 100% empowered, growing each day along the way.

Thank you for being on this journey with me, Live 100% Empowered,



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