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South Dakota prairie:

“If a problem wasn’t supposed to be there, it wouldn’t be there."

Problems are about perspective.

Every problem has purpose.

To challenge you?
To build your skills?
To test your resolve?
To get your creative juices going?

Doubtful that a problem’s sole purpose is to generate frustration, despair, or procrastination.

See the problem. Choose your perspective.

Your Weekly Wisdom Mastery — 

The Fundamentals of Project Management Mastery 

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Your Weekly Growth Challenge — 

Think of a dream, goal or ambition you'd like to move forward...

Now, think of setting it up as a project, and how you're going to manage the project.

Use the Project Management Fundamentals below to intentionally think through your project:

TIME — How much effort will it take, and what are duration of the milestones (different stages of your project)?

COST — What about the cost of any hardware, software, and even TIME (be careful here, most people greatly underestimate the time of a project).

SCOPE — What are the outputs, outcomes and results you hope to achieve with your project - how are you going to break them down?

All three of the areas either amplify the quality or decrease the quality of your project.

Aim to be WORLD-CLASS, and 10x the quality & impact of your dream, goal or ambition!

You've GOT this!

Your Weekly Wisdom Quote — 

“The thing that people really underestimate, when it comes to working on a project, is the cost of their time.” — Patrick Mosher

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