What I Believe

I'm not a virologist.  I'm not a conspiracy theorist.  I'm not an ecologist.  I'm not a medical doctor.  I'm not a politician.  I don't represent anybody, but myself. 

That said, here's my opinion.

Our media, politicians and organizations shout from any forum they can to communicate ANYTHING to get my attention by attempting to raise my fears and distrust with fake this and fake that.  Accusations and attacks about any form of "THEM" are messages intended to divide our humanity.  They report opinions and call it journalism.  I am angry. 

People are sick and dying all over the world.  I am sad.

With my lung condition of COPD and my recent bout with pneumonia, I suppose I'm in a "high-risk" category, but you know, the Creator could take me any day for any reason.  I need to be okay with that.  I have a choice.

Here's what I know.

We have entered an unprecedented time in human history!

The People of Delhi saw blue sky for the first time in a long time.  My day is brightened.

Health care workers and first responders are treated as heroes.  My heart fills with gratitude.

People sing from their balconies and neighbors serenade each other from their front lawns.  I feel hope.

In a few weeks, I've had more beautifully-authentic connections with people I care for and love than I can EVER remember.  My connections deepen, grow and GLOW!

With the cacophony of noise, I walk in the woods and listen, really listen, to the woodpeckers, the bubbling stream and the geese honking as they migrate.  I see the sunstreams reflecting from the trees and smell mud as the freshness of Spring.  I lay my head on a patch of soft moss.  I feel Harmony.

With all the hate, confusion, love, chaos, joy, suffering, compassion and beautiful service, here's my opinion.

Humanity is transforming.

With major transformation comes paradigm shift.  When paradigms shift, there is pain and suffering.  We grieve as we lose things we hold most dear.  The building blocks of our foundation, our security, shakes.  Looking backward and forward, we see no solid ground.

Transformation is hard. 

And I have hope.

We are the most adaptable species on the planet.  Throughout our brief human history, we have faced daunting challenges.  And we passed every test so far. 

We will not fail this one.

What do you do in the midst of a transformation? 

Lean in!

We must embrace multiple feelings all at the same time.  Feel the pain that you and others experience.  Feel the helplessness of not being able to help those in need.  Feel the loss of not being able to control what you believed you used to control.

And feed the collective consciousness with hope. 

Be careful not to entrench in the old out of fear.  Tune out divisiveness. 

Dig deep within yourself and do your work.  Not someone else's work.  YOUR work.  Your DNA gave you a unique molecular matter.  And I believe that gave you a unique purpose in this lifetime you've been so beautifully gifted. 

Rely on your life experiences and training which brought you to this exact moment.  Energize your superpowers.  Generously gift them to the world.  Whether your superpower moves the masses or your superpower cares and loves a child, your superpower changes the trajectory of human existence.

Do it.  Do it now.  It is your time.

We need you!


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