Winning with Bold Action?

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January. Cabo, Mexico.  Hear the rhythmic sound of waves just a few yards away.  I'm sitting in a large open-air cabana, attending a business development seminar and the leader asks:

"What $100,000 idea will you implement this year.  You have 3 minutes to brainstorm."

Out of nowhere, I stare down at my journal and I've written two words

Machu Picchu

Nine months later, I'm sitting in circle with people whom have travelled a long way.  Aquas Calientes, Peru.  A small town just a bus ride away from the sacred mountain of the Incans, Machu Picchu.  I'm conducting my own 4-day business, personal and spiritual development seminar.    My first Wisdom Council.

One Bold Challenge.  One Bold Decision.  One Bold Action.

What are the ingredients of taking bold action? 

  • Believe in yourself
  • Build Courage to act
  • Adopt a Can't Lose Mentality 

A 'Can't Lose' mentality isn't about winning at all costs.  It's not about heroic acts and all-nighters.  It's not about thinking it to be true or visualizing success.  Those techniques help push and pull you to success.  But even with these tools, you can still fall flat on your face.  

Here's my secret to a Can't Lose mindset.  

It's about LEARNING.

  • If the bold action meets your expectations or hopes for success, AWESOME!  You walk away fulfilled.  But success isn't the end game.  With Bold Action and Success, you LEARN the right stuff to REPEAT the bold action.  Perhaps even engage a BOLDER action.  If you want one success to act as a gate to your next bigger success, LEARN from your successes! 
  • If the bold action doesn't meet your expectations for success, remind yourself to LEARN.  Why?  Because the next challenge may be BIGGER and you want to be ready!  

Build confidence by learning from successes, failures and everything in between.  Know that you are learning EXACTLY what you need for the next bold challenge.  Yes, you WILL be ready.  

With a Learning Mindset, learning is continuous.  You're always preparing for the next bigger challenge.  And it will require every bit of your honed SuperPower to face it.

Add learning to your expectations and you will NEVER lose, regardless of what realistic or unrealistic expectation you formed in your head about success.  

Since that first seminar in Machu Picchu, I took a second trip to Glendalough, Ireland.  We experienced the Irish culture, drank a few pints and learned the story of St Kevin, a reluctant monastic who took one bold action leading to a legacy we STILL talk about 16 centuries later.

This year, due to travel restrictions, I couldn't take a trip to a sacred location.  This pandemic would NOT cut me off from my life mission to SERVE. Time to adapt.

A New Challenge.  A New Decision.  A New Bold Action.

Today I'm exhausted.  The last two days I conducted my first multi-day virtual seminar with my MasterMind community.  Many of you know what it's like to Zoom for 7 hours straight.  It's tough.  I was on my feet the whole time.  I was 'on stage' the whole time.  It was MY job to help them FORGET they were on zoom for 7 hours.  That takes Effort, Engagement and Energy!   A participant gave me the best compliment I could get.  

"Wow, the last two days went by FAST!"

The seed for conducting my own virtual event was planted 8 months ago.  I was attending another business development seminar and a Brazilian friend of mine was presenting how she conducted her very successful multi-day virtual event.  I was curious, so after the seminar we chatted 1:1.  During our call, she said it.  "Patrick, you should do your own virtual event."

A Bold Challenge.  I made a Bold Decision that day.  And here I am 8 months later, my own multi-day virtual seminar is complete.  Yes, it was a success.  It met my expectations and more importantly, it exceeded the expectations of my participants.

But MOST importantly?  I learned.  I'm ready for the next bold action.  I will repeat.

Next year, if travel opens up, I will take a group of people to Delphi, Greece where, in Ancient Greece, the Delphi Oracle counseled kings and philosophers.  She prophesized the future.  We're still talking about her legacy 27 centuries later.

Do you have a BOLD idea?  Want to build a Legacy?  

Accept the Bold Challenge.  Make a Bold Decision.  And then…

Take a BOLD Action!


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