5+1 Practices to Combat Fear and Mass Panic

We face an unprecedented time in human history.  EVERY person on the planet is impacted by the current viral outbreak. 

You have a choice: A) Succumb to fear, put up our guards, hoard our resources and create social isolation;
OR; B) Take this time to reflect how to use this amazing opportunity to re-imagine how we live and connect. 

As healers and leaders, I choose B!!

How 'bout you?  What messages are you listening to?  What messages are you sending?

I cried with joy when a friend of mine sent this message: 

The immediate message is to SLOW DOWN and start taking care – of yourselves, of your bodies, of each other, of the people and other living beings who are being ground up and spit out of our systems.  "You thought it was impossible to make sudden about-face.  You said, 'we know we have to change everything in the next ten years, but we can't imagine how.'  Here you are, brought to a grinding halt by something so tiny it's invisible to the eye."

With this time, instead of fretting and worrying, what if you reconsider how you live?  Dream NEW dreams.

Another friend of mine sent this message:

"Illnesses hover constantly above us, their seeds blown by the wind, but they do not set in the terrain unless the terrain is ready to receive them."     - Claude Bernard 

Claude Bernard was a 19th century French physiologist and contemporary of French chemist, Louis Pasteur.  The two famous doctors argued throughout their lives as to what really was the cause of disease, the soil or the seed.  Pasteur insisted it was the seed (germ) while Bernard claimed it was the soil (body).  When on his death bed, it is said that Pasteur admitted Bernard was right.  He said, 'It is the soil, not the seed.'  It's the body, not the bug.

I can't do much to control the bug. 

The directive to create "Social Distance" is what I can do to get out of harm's way of "the Seed."

Let's focus on where we have MORE control:  "The Soil." 

My 5 + 1 Practices

I have COPD, a chronic upper respiratory disease. I get sick easily. I’ve contracted pneumonia many times. This past December, I caught the flu which turned into pneumonia which turned into 4 days in the hospital.  I am in the category of HIGHEST RISK of this virus.

And I walk with a smile on my face. 

What???   Why?

I didn’t “catch” pneumonia because of something outside of my control. I have 5 practices to keep my immune system healthy.

  1. Diaphragmatic Breathing (twice rigorously daily)
  2. Hydration (3 liters per day)
  3. Nutrition (lots of green vegetables)
  4. Sleep (8 hours per night)
  5. Positive Mindset (mantra – 'I Live My Life 100% Empowered')
    • Low Stress, No Fear
    • Humor and Play (alters how my brain fires)

When I get sick, one or all 5 of these are out of whack.  I do well when these 5 are working in rhythm in my life.

What's the +1 Practice?

Many years ago I took vows as a lay Franciscan. Francis worked with lepers, giving them comfort in their misery. It was his life’s work. He never contracted the highly infectious disease. With his inspiration and a fraction of his faith, I will continue to live whole-heartedly into my life’s mission. It’s what I was born to do. I will continue to live in service to the healing powers I’ve been gifted. Whatever and however form that takes. It’s my Calling.

That’s the +1 practice I’m committed to:

  1. Work and Live in Alignment with my Life Mission

THANK YOU to all the nurses and doctors and first responders who put themselves in harm's way and continue to live into their Life Mission. 

What Does 'Social Distance' Mean to Me?

One directive in today's viral world is "Social Distance."   This practice helps us avoid the seed, the germ, THE virus.  Social Distance and Self-Quarantine doesn't mean creating boundaries, hoarding toilet paper and living in fear. 


Tools are amoral.  It's the intent of the person who picks up the tool that creates morality.  We have an AMAZING tool at our disposal.  Our ancestors couldn't DREAM of having this at their disposal.  They would marvel at its capabilities. 

It's called …. The Internet.

In this time of Social Distance, we can use this tool to connect authentically with our loved ones, our colleagues, our friends.  We can reach across time zones and oceans…SIMULTANEOUSLY.  We can touch hundreds, thousands, even millions.

Oh, the power you have!  How you use that power is up to YOU. 

In brings tears to my eyes to think of the miracle of how this morning, I had the amazing opportunity to speak simultaneously with Spiritual Leaders across time zones, oceans and even continents! 

In this time of great opportunity, let's use our tools to create a movement.

Fight virus with a viral movement! 


Live 100% Empowered, my friend!


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