The Wisdom

With Patrick Mosher

5+1 Practices to Combat Fear and Mass Panic

We face an unprecedented time in human history.  EVERY person on the planet is impacted by the current viral outbreak. 

You have a choice: A) Succumb to fear, put up our guards, hoard our resources and create social isolation;
OR; B) Take this time to reflect how to use this amazing opportunity to re-imagine how we live and connect. 

As healers and leaders, I choose B!!

How 'bout you?  What messages are you listening to?  What messages are you sending?

I cried with joy when a friend of mine sent this message: 

The immediate message is to SLOW DOWN and start taking care – of yourselves, of your bodies, of each other, of the people and other living beings who are being ground up and spit out of our systems.  "You thought it was impossible to make sudden about-face.  You said, 'we know we have to change everything in the next ten years, but we can't imagine how.'  Here you are, brought to a grinding halt by something so tiny it's...

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