Create a Scorecard to Track & Amplify Your Success

‘The Universe is...


Not always my experience of it.

Not always my perspective of it.

However, it is one of my core Life Philosophies.

Sometimes, you just open your eyes.

And there it is …. Perfection.

Your Weekly Wisdom Mastery —

Build Better Daily Habits By Tracking Progress With a Simple Scorecard

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Your Weekly Growth Challenge — 

Commit to tracking one important habit for 30 days to build more rhythm and progress.

Choose one daily habit you want to build like exercise, meditation, reading, etc. Get a tracker like a planner, app or a journal.

Each day, track your habit - did you do it or not?

At the end of each week, give yourself a color code based on your consistency:

Green = 5+ days completed

Yellow = 3-4 days completed

Red = 0-2 days completed

Review your color codes each Sunday.

Adjust your goal if needed, troubleshoot obstacles and work on consistency.

Use the weekly color coding to build self-awareness and rhythm with your habit.

Consistency over 30 days is key to sticking with a habit long term.

You've got this!

What habit will you start tracking?

Your Weekly Wisdom Quote — 

"I'm a scorecard guy - red, yellow, green!" — Patrick Mosher

My goal is to share wisdom with you every week, helping you live a life that's 100% empowered, growing each day along the way.

Thank you for being on this journey with me, Live 100% Empowered,



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