End of Year Clearance

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This is a great time for your End of Year Clearance.  Start the new year FRESH and RENEWED!

With so much time at home this past year, we cleaned house.  Then we cleaned the garage.  Then we cleaned the yard.  Then we went back to cleaning the house and continued the cycle.

We created "Get Rid Of" piles in the basement and garage.  As months of self-quarantine continue, the piles grow.  We're slimming down more and more.

It's a beautiful feeling….to unburden from stuff.   Energy is released.

What should go into your End of Year Clearance pile?

In the beginning, the pile included easy stuff to get rid of.  A computer desk we no longer use.  Old cameras, Tivo machines and other technology from the 1990's.  Isn't an antique defined as something aged 20 years or more?

The next level of 'stuff' was harder.  These things have memory, history, even identity wrapped in them.  I came across one item.  Barely used for over 40 years.  I looked at it.  Put it in the pile.  Took it out.  Put it in the pile.  Took it out again.

This item has a Story!  

When I was in my early twenties, I attended and moderated retreats.  Inevitably, some of us would stay up into the wee morning hours talking about our purpose in life, the state of the world, how spirit works its magic and deep philosophies.

You know how those conversations go, right?  

Late one night, must've been two in the morning, I was talking to my friend Tina.  Our discussion delightfully drifted to music and how it lifts the soul.  Musical notes dance in our hearts.  She finally says, 

"Patrick, go get your guitar and we'll sing together."

Disappointment pierced my heart.  

I didn't have a guitar.  Didn't even even know how to play.  

"Huh, you seem like the kind of guy to have a guitar."

You KNOW where this story is going!

The next week, I went to the guitar store and bought one.  I had to fulfill my destiny.  Complete my identity as a Troubadour!  

Months rolled by.  Years.

I picked up that guitar and learned a few chords.  I think Puff the Magic Dragon was the extent of my repertoire.  I was fascinated by harmonics so I learned how to play a couple.  

Fast forward 40 years.

That guitar has followed every move and yet, I can't even play Puff the Magic Dragon any more.

As I faced this year's End of Year Clearance, I look at the guitar.  I'm reminded of Tina.   The identity of Troubadour is EMBEDDED in my being.  And yet it is a destiny and identity … unfulfilled.

This is my End of Year Clearance crisis.  I face a choice.

Do I release a decades-long unfulfilled expectation that may be dragging me down?  


Do I commit like never before and pick up that guitar and learn to make music?

What do you think?  I would LOVE to hear your opinion!  Respond to this blog post!

WAIT!   Ah.  This is not MY dilemma alone!  

What items will you put in YOUR End of Year Clearance pile?  

  • High Tech Cameras 
  • Nordic Tracks and other fitness equipment
  • Never Read Books
  • Never Taken Online Courses
  • Childhood Trophies
  • VHS Player
  • Musical Instruments
  • 3.5 inch floppy disks
  • CD Collections

What do you RELEASE?  What do you RETAIN?

Listen, I'm a sentimental guy.  Some might say, a pack rat.  I'm going to keep a LOT of stuff that holds fond memories.  Yet, it's a PERFECT time to evaluate things as Release or Retain.

And what to do with that guitar?!?

Start the New Year unburdened and with an unbreakable intent to make your Significant Impact!  

Learn Continuously!


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