No One Wants to Hear This

One of my core philosophies is the Universe is Perfect.  Our understanding of events and the big picture is much less than perfect because each of us only has a fraction of insight of the whole.  From that perspective what is happening is perfect somehow, even if it’s horrible and painful.

I also believe what an aboriginal grandmother told me.  "Every prayer is answered."  Maybe not in the form or timeline we want or intended, but always answered.  That's why she also said, "Be careful what you pray for."  So, what is a prayer?  Sure, we can send up intentional prayers.  However, what if prayers were also intentions we send into the universe in our frustration?

"If I only had more time with my kids."

"I hate coming to work every day."

"I can't stand being around my co-workers, my boss"

Haven't we all muttered something like that in the last 6 months? 

What if these are prayers as well? 


Last December I got really sick with the flu.  Upper respiratory illness is very dangerous for me, given my Cardiac Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  The flu turned into pneumonia which turned into 4 days in the hospital. 

Especially in those moments, I work extra hard to remind myself … the Universe is Perfect.  Certainly, as I felt like I was coughing my lungs out, my grasp of the universe felt much less than perfect!  And yet, my world stopped.  I laid in bed for hours and had time to reflect.  A beautiful gift from the universe.  My biggest question:  was I using my precious time on this planet to focus on the one thing that matters the most? 

The answer was  …  No.

The universe provided re-direction.  I got whacked on the side of the head.  GEEZ!  I pray to stay open to hearing the most subtle of messages from the universe.  The whacks when I don't listen are painful!

So why did we get hit with this horrible upheaval in the world?

I believe the manifested actions of our collective consciousness created this.   

There.  I said it.  This is what no one wants to hear.

Nature responds to us as we do to her.  Harmony.  Dare I say, Perfect Harmony.  There is no finger to point of blame but to ourselves.  I refuse to be a victim of this and therefore  <pause>  

I must own it.

Please keep reading because the next part is MOST important!

We just entered an amazing time in human history when we can actually consciously evolve.  We won’t think and believe our way through this.  In this moment, we must bond together.  Collaborate.  Serve each other with love and compassion.  See others in their difficult states.  Perhaps even feel helpless, but not hopeless.

We do what we can do.  Sing from our balconies and front yards.  Connect authentically on this empowering tool called The Internet.  It is time to break down barriers and borders.  Time to collaborate across all lines of diversity.  

We're seeing it.  With our first responders and our health care workers.  People are sewing masks and gowns.  Distilleries converting operations to make hand sanitizer. 

Oh yes, Humanity is Mobilizing!  And it’s a BEAUTIFUL sight!

I am optimistic for our human species.

Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota for 'We are all related')


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