Robots and Evolution

During our Ireland Wisdom Council this past September, we visited a Climate Change exhibit.  At the end of our tour, four college students at the customer service desk were ready to answer any questions we had.  As a Dad and Granddad, I naturally took the opportunity to ask them what they wanted to do with the rest of their lives.

The first three eagerly responded with aspirations of changing the world through social policy, animal welfare and natural resource conservation.  When I got to the fourth young man, he looked down at the desk and in a low voice said, "I'm majoring in robotics.  I guess I'm going to take jobs away from a lot of people."

My heart sank.  Not because of his chosen profession, but because how he FELT about his chosen profession.

Perfect time to share some wisdom.  Here's what I told him ….

Imagine four cavemen huddled around the fire after a long hard day of hunting and hauling big rocks for their home structure.  One of the cavemen eagerly unveils …. a wheel.  At first, they wonder what's so special about this rock with the corners rubbed off.  But when he shows them what it can do, they're astonished.

I turned to the young Irish lad, majoring in robotics and asked, 

Would it make sense for the cavemen to SMASH that round rock because they removed hard tasks and took away today's job?  Tasks now made easier?  Gee, now they could spend time on more important things like ….  let's say …. EVOLVING?

The robotics major smiled with relief.  He got the point.

First, NEVER apologize for your life's work. 

Second, we are evolving at a tremendous rate.  Life expectancy for the world in 1945 was early-40's.  In 2018 it was 72.  We've almost DOUBLED our life expectancy in the last couple generations! 

Advances in science, quality of life and lifestyle have made that possible.  Let's celebrate our extended lifetimes by living INTO our Life's missions.   TODAY!   Let's advance our human condition. 

We have more wisdom on the planet than EVERY BEFORE in our human history.   Let's not waste it.  Let's gather it.  Preserve it.  And share wisdom generously.


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