Spitting into the Ocean

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On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate HARMONY in the world right now?  1 = low.  10 = high. 

I've asked my friends, family and my Wisdom 4 Humanity community this question and most rate World Harmony pretty low right now.

There's so much going on!  No need to drag you down by listing them.  

My next question typically is, "So what are you doing to raise World Harmony?"

I asked a colleague.  Very conscious human being.  Socially responsible.  Acutely aware of what's happening in the world.

His heart is breaking.

"Where do I begin?  I’m overwhelmed.  Whatever I do won’t make a difference.  And I’m so busy with EVERYTHING I can’t do ANYTHING.  My To Do List is full.  One more thing will break me.  Just BREAK me."

I could feel a combination of tears mixed with anger bubbling up.

"Any action I take is small.  Too small to make a difference.  It's like spitting into the ocean."

Like Spitting into the Ocean.

As a result, you stop.

Please don't!

Don’t let overwhelm stop you from taking the first step!  Don’t buy into the argument you are too young, too old or not influential enough to make a difference.  

What can you do? 

My suggestion is to turn to that big ocean.  Peer into the sun glimmering off the waves.  Listen to the continuous flow of the waves.  Smell the fresh salt.  Lean back and SPIT!

I left a job I LOVED at Accenture to fundamentally change how I was giving back to my family, community and profession.  I was going to change the world for GOOD.

How was little old me going to change the world for GOOD?

I made a comprehensive list of all the people from my life experiences.  

  • Clients and colleagues from my 28-year consulting career
  • Friends from my 25 years participating in ceremony on Pine Ridge Reservation
  • Fellow Franciscans since my first national convention in 1972 in Pennsylvania
  • College friends from my 10 years and three degrees at Purdue  
  • School buddies from grade school and high school   
  • And of course, family – brothers, sister, aunts, nieces, nephews and cousins

I put all the names on a spreadsheet.  850 in all.  I called this list, The 850.  This is my Power Network.  Just activate this network and surely we can make a difference!

Upon leaving Accenture, I joined MasterMind groups to learn how to be an entrepreneur.  The list expanded.  As I reached out to The 850, the list expanded.

The 850 is now The 2200.  If you’re reading this blog post, there’s a high probability your name is on my list.

So, la tee da.  You’re on Patrick Mosher’s list.  So what?  

(thank you, by the way)

Look, I won't make much of difference in the world by myself, but I'm 100% positive The 2200 can.  You are My Team.  Together I’m MORE than confident we can change the world for GOOD.

Wait, what is ‘MORE than confident?’ 

Spitting into the Ocean and expecting a result goes way beyond confidence.  It requires:


I have FAITH in you.  You make a difference every day.  And I have Faith that TOGETHER we can make a huge difference.  Not only can we change the world for GOOD, we can alter the course of human history!


This blog post you're reading right now is my Spit into the Ocean.  Every week, I cast wisdom into the world.

Am I sure it has significant impact?  No.

I have complete FAITH it does and will.

If one idea here makes you think a little different.  Gives you a little hope.  That ray of hope ripples and spreads into the world.  

If I get one person, just one person, saying this blog post made a difference, I’ll write one next week.  Just one gives me hope.  Please be that person!

Let me know what your SPIT into the Ocean was today.  

  • A happy birthday post in social media to a friend?
  • Sitting with your dog to watch the sun go down?
  • Raising your hand to volunteer?
  • A random act of kindness for a stranger?

You may never know if it made a difference, but you did it anyway.

I’d LOVE to hear what you do to make a difference.  Those little things you do.  Yep, that's how you Spit into the Ocean.

Have Faith.  

We are changing the world for GOOD!


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