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Greek Cathedral!

As the video scans, your eye cannot keep up with the abundance of colors, textures, ceremonial objects, and symbols!

Challenge —

Watch the video once through and answer these two questions:

a) What one object do you remember from your scan? (you might be surprised)
b) What 2 to 3 words describe how you FEEL being in that space?

Your Weekly Wisdom Mastery — 

The One Tool You Need to Greatly Amplify Your Business Growth NOW

This video clip is part of our Significant Impact Monthly Masterclass on "RELATIONSHIPS - Diving Deep on the 1st R in ROCIR".

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Your Weekly Growth Challenge — 

Great businesses are built on GREAT relationships - how are you consistently nurturing your relationships?

Take a moment and think about all of the people you’ve met throughout your life, and have had a relationship with.

How many people do you think that is?

50, 100, 1000?

Now think about how you might be able to help them enhance their lives, somehow, with what you do?

Your job, if you’re committed to serving others, exchanging wisdom (and, if applicable, growing your business) is to:

  1. Create a list of those people in a journal, document or spreadsheet (we’ve created a tool called the Relationship Index Score (RIS) workbook for this purpose).
  2. Prioritize that list based on who you feel could use the most help now.
  3. Schedule time to reach out and talk to them!

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Your Weekly Wisdom Quote — 

“We’ve created a tool, the Relationship Index Score (RIS), to track my relationships.” — Patrick Mosher

 My goal is to share wisdom with you every week, helping you live a life that's 100% empowered, growing each day along the way.

Thank you for being on this journey with me, Live 100% Empowered,


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