Use the Power of Persistence to Influence Others

Persist through failure…

Never give up on your ideas, projects or dreams!


Your Weekly Wisdom Mastery — 

Persist Through Failure: The Secret to Success in Business and Life

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Your Weekly Growth Challenge — 

Try the…

7-Day Resilience Challenge

• Day 1: Identify a project or idea you've abandoned. Commit to reviving it.

• Day 2: Practice storytelling. Condense a complex idea into a 2-minute pitch.

• Day 3: Negotiate a flexible arrangement at work or in your personal life.

• Day 4: Spend quality time with loved ones, prioritizing personal commitments.

• Day 5: Present an idea to someone in an unconventional setting (e.g., during a walk).

• Day 6: After receiving feedback, improve and shorten your Day 2 pitch.

• Day 7: Reflect on your week. How has persistence changed your perspective?

Remember: Persist through failure, don't blame the story, and always seek improvement!

Live 100% Empowered!

Your Weekly Wisdom Quote — 

“My first principle for activating decisions through good story telling — persist through failure — continue to practice and tell your story!” — Patrick Mosher

My goal is to share wisdom with you every week, helping you live a life that's 100% empowered, growing each day along the way.

Thank you for being on this journey with me, Live 100% Empowered,



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