Wisdom in Finding the ME in YOU!

We began this board retreat in an unusual way.  We walked a labyrinth.  Simply put, a labyrinth is not a maze.  It’s structure that has one way in and one way out so you can let go of wondering what’s next and just settle into your meditation, your intent.  For more information about labyrinths, go to www.Veriditas.org

 In facilitating this board retreat, I wanted to make it very connecting, valuable.  My intention for walking the labyrinth was for the board to collaborate extraordinarily well this weekend.  A simple intention.

 Wisdom Messages from the Labyrinth

 As I stepped onto the labyrinth, my head was filled with the retreat agenda.  The dynamics of the team.  The necessity to blend the personal styles of board and team members.  How to navigate the flow of the two days.  But the business and busyness in my brain slowly melted away with each step.  I began to notice the snow on the trees outside the window.  I fell into the serenity surrounding the other walkers in their own silent reverie. And then it hit me.  Kinda like a voice in my head that wasn’t my own, “Find the YOU in them.”  Wow!

 My journey for this weekend was transformed.  I was now on a quest!  Discover parts of myself that exist in these amazing people.  Imagine how interactions fundamentally shift and listening becomes acutely attentive when I'm listening for ME in THEM and they are listening for THEM in ME?  We are intimately connected. We are on interconnected journeys, sharing our wisdom....and becoming MORE of our whole beings. 

 I arrive in the center of the labyrinth and we stand in our communal silence.  And the walk OUT begins.  I feel full.  Grateful for the amazing gift.

I’m smiling.  And BAM!  Message #2.  Not expected.  “Let go of what’s NOT needed this weekend.”  The intention of the message was quite precise and needs a bit of clarification.  We always should let go of icky parts of ourselves, but that’s not where this message was focused.  There are perfectly ‘good’ parts of myself, but this weekend, not all those parts serve what was needed.  I’m a pretty good facilitator.  Some have said world class.  But what exact skills are required THIS weekend.  The message was asking me to carefully discern what to bring to the retreat.  It was an AMAZING reminder to not just rely on my skills as I had so many times before – perhaps sinking into, Rote Mode. 

Avoiding 'Rote Bode'

Success is a ditch so many of us fall into.  We do what we know.  We even get good feedback for it.  It takes so much LESS energy and attention to go into Rote Mode.  To be REALLY good at what we do, we should constantly discern, what is needed in this moment.  Keeps us on our toes, in our talent and serving the moment.

I’m grateful for these powerful messages on the labyrinth.  I share them so you, too, can enter your next meeting or event with an elevated consciousness.  Do that....and the world will shine just a bit brighter today.

Wisdom isn’t wisdom until it’s shared.


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