YOU are a Conduit for Wisdom

Paul's wife, Eva, called with bad news.  Her mother's health took a turn for the worse.  For the rest of the day, our conversation focused on family, parents, children and grandchildren.  We talked about our responsibilities as good sons, as good parents.  

My fondest memories of growing up in Chicago are watching Saturday night horse races with my grandmother and Aunt Marie.  Dad built onto our house so they could stay with us.  When my maternal grandmother, Mims, was ill, she stayed at our house in Cincinnati.  In both instances, I was too young to understand how my mom and dad felt about their parents staying with us.  One thing I know for sure, though, is that taking care of their parents was just what they did. 

Too often I hear stories about old folks being a burden on society.  When did we adopt a mindset that our parents are a burden?  Gee, when you were 2 years old, do you think you were a self-sufficient being?  They nurtured you.  Cared for you.  Scolded you when you needed it.  They built character in you.  YOU are an output of their hard work and love!

In their later years, it's time for us to treat them as Elders, with the honor and respect they earned!  I don't want to be socked away by my daughters into a Nursing Home because I'm inconvenient.  My mission is to provide them a continuous stream of wisdom, relevant to where they are in their life.  Listening to their needs and continuing to support their unique character.  That's my responsibility if I want to be considered an Elder. 

At one point in my conversation with Paul, I said,

"We need to do OUR work, to allow our children to do THEIR work." 

YOU are a conduit for (at least) three generations of wisdom.  No one experiences your parents like you.  You receive their wisdoms (and other stuff) and bake them into your life.  You weave their wisdoms into your own as you serve the world with your talent.  To complete the three-generation connection, you deliver wisdom to your children.  Each child experiences your Wisdom Stream from their own, unique perspective. 

You are a Generational Wisdom Conduit!  To do OUR work means we clean up that conduit as much as possible.  We honor and respect our parents without reservation.  We consciously put our talent in the world where it shines the MOST.  We love our children, giving them guardrails and courage to express their unique character.  Like a chimney sweep, we clean our generational conduit freeing our children to do their work….so they can change the world for generations to come.

I lead a blessed life.  Four generations ago, my great great grandmother, Ellen Hurley left her home, devasted by the potato blight.  She stood on a dock in Tralee as she prayed for a better life.  I HAVE the life of which she dreamed…and much more than she could EVER dreamed!  Thank you great great grandma Ellen!.   You did your work and it's time to do mine.  I pray my great great grandsons and granddaughters can lead an abundant life in an habitable world.  Let's dream big and do OUR work …. for THEM!

Preserve the Ways.  Share Generously.  Act with Wisdom.


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