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Storytelling Secrets - How to Use Unconventional Wisdom to Win Big!

Using Unconventional Wisdom can be a Superpower!

(Find out how below... )


Your Weekly Wisdom Mastery — 

Storytelling Secrets - How to Use Unconventional Wisdom to Win Big!

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Your Weekly Growth Challenge — 

Try the…

The Unconventional Wisdom Challenge

1) Identify an outdated, conventional approach in your industry.

2) Come up with an unconventional alternative that could drive better results.

3) Test it out in a low-risk way and see what happens.

4) If it works, share your unconventional wisdom with others!

The goal, here, is to encourage thinking outside the box, challenging status quo approaches, and...

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Resilience - What does it mean?

My friend Ghenno and I standing in front of...

the residence hall we lived in 35 years ago.

Cary Quadrangle at Purdue University.

Looks the same as it did back then.

How we’ve changed! And strangely still the same. 

Welcome to Wisdom4Humanity Weekly #12!

Your Weekly Wisdom Mastery — 

What Does Resilience Mean?

Let's learn through the power of a powerful story, shall we?

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Your Weekly Growth Challenge — 

1) Get your journal out and answer this prompt:
"What does resilience mean to me?"
2) Share it (and ask others the same question!)

Your Weekly Wisdom Quote — 


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Live Into Your Time

I took a walk in the woods.  Listened to the geese honking noisily overhead.  Breathed air deep into my lungs.  Felt the Fall leaves crunch under my feet.  Even two nearby dogs incessant barking were beautiful pieces in my reverie. 

We give our time to our jobs, our children, our spouses.  We serve generously.  After all, we are giving beings.

Isn't it interesting that we give time, but if we want time for ourselves, we have to take it.  Taking time feels like we're stealing it.  HEY WAIT A MINUTE!   Wasn't it our time to begin with? 

When do you live at your pace? 

My next story is controversial.

Early in my career, we proposed on a huge training design and development project.  The client wanted us to bid on the training delivery as well.  To deliver training, we would send our high-priced consultants to each of the 300 stores across the US.  Sounds good, but our price would put us in the...

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