The Wisdom

With Patrick Mosher

Put RESOLVE in Your Resolutions!

Today's the last day of 2018.  CONGRATULATIONS!   Another year completed!  How do you feel today?  Refreshed?  Invigorated?  Tired?  Glad that the year is closing?  Looking forward to a fresh start?

I'm often conflicted on 'special' days like New Year's.  On one hand, what a great mindset shift to assemble our brains around something new and exciting that happens today.  On the other hand, what makes this day any more special than any other.  Not to downplay the specialness of the day, but why not UP-PLAY every Day? 

Its December 31st.  What a GREAT day to talk about deadlines!  Did you set a New Year's Resolution a year ago?  Did you make it happen? 

The word DEADLINE isn't an uplifting word, is it?  Death and Lines.  Well, it's not far from the truth! 

Definition:  DEADLINE – a line drawn within or around a prison that a prisoner passes at the risk of being shot.


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