Wisdom Story of The Last Time

I pulled up in front of the house to pick up my daughters from their Mom's.  I let out a big sigh.  Transition time.  It was a tough week in my consulting job:  tough decisions, long hours and clients in 2 cities.  The 6-hour drive itself is mostly white-knuckled, watching for deer darting out of the woods at any moment.  I'm REALLY bushed.  But it's time to level up the energy for my daughters.  Yes, they expect a full, active day.  I get ready for my 11 and 13-year old -- both at that brink between girl and young women. 

I pause and look up at the door of the house.  It's time.  I get out of the car and walk around to the sidewalk.  My youngest BURSTS through the front door, skips down the stairs and runs down the front path.  She meets me at the sidewalk and throws her arms around me and squeals, "Daddy!!!"  I smile and somehow I know deep in my soul that this is the Last Time I'll get this unsolicited, pure-love daddy hug from my little girl.  I sink into her fragile frame a little deeper.  Never wanting to let go.  Can I freeze this moment forever?  I emblazon this moment in my heart and soul.  In that moment, I KNOW I'll treasure this moment for the rest of my life.

Anticipating Last Time

Sometimes we know Last Times are coming.  We anticipate them.  Even yearn for them.  I remember taking Physics 251 during my chemical engineering bachelor's degree.  Physics did NOT come easy to me.  I studied hard, but lectures may as well have been in Greek.  Heck, the textbook WAS chocked full of Greek letters!  After the final exam, I walked out of the building.  I distinctly remember that I consciously … no CEREMONIOUSLY, turned around and started crying.  Tears of relief – knowing I had just walked out of that building for the Last Time.

Last Time Wisdoms

Last Times come in all forms:  happy, sad and bittersweet.

Last Times may creep up on us like my daughter's hug.  Or maybe you realize you experienced a Last Time after-the-fact.  Regardless, of how you experience it, EXPERIENCE it!  Relish it.  Go over and over it in your mind, heart and soul.  And store it away in your library of Significant Wisdom Stories.  These are the stories you'll tell your grandkids.  Why?  Because they contain a piece of you and your personal history!  They carry your values, wants, fears, aspirations, hurts, learnings, dreams, mistakes, pranks and most tender moments.  They are the wisdom you have accumulated in your lifetime.  And wisdom isn't wisdom until it's shared.

Time is precious.  We all know that.  Last Times are precious gems.  Treasure them.  …. And share them.



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