Rarest Resource on the Planet

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A friend introduced me to a video about the Meaning of Money.  Wealth Advisors talk about hitting your ‘number’ which is the wealth you need to accumulate to retire.  

Do you know your number?

In the video, the speaker defines money as a contract for the future.  Money is a device for moving value across space and time.  

He talks about five fundamental components of money.  Money must have:

  •  Divisibility
  •  Durability
  •  Recognizability
  •  Portability
  •  Scarcity

What stuck out for me was that money needed to have Scarcity.  The rarest resources hold the most value.  Diamonds and gold.  Money is a way to accumulate a scarce resource so you can trade it in the future for what you want.  

Okay, so that’s money and why you need to accumulate a pile of it as a scarce resource.

A great Pile O’ Money allows you to buy what you want.  Go where you want.  Do what you want.  It gives you FREEDOM!

But, does money give you what you really seek?

I wasn’t sure, so I did the 5 Why’s activity:

Why do I want more Personal Freedom?



So I can spend my time doing what I want when I want


Why do I want to spend my Time doing what I want when I want?



So I can focus more time on building my legacy

Why do I want to build a Legacy?  


So my children, their children and their children have a better world to live in.


Why do I want them to have a Better World to live in?



Because I want to evolve our humanity

Why do I want to Evolve Our Humanity?


Because that’s the purpose of every human being


And there it is:  Evolving our Humanity

For those of us focused on creating a better world for generations, the point of accumulating a big Pile O’ Money isn’t to want more of it.  It’s not even to have more time or feel secure.   

You are building your legacy.

How do you do that?

Discover, hone and transact on the scarcest resource on the planet.  

You have access to it right now and you don’t have to mine it, trade for it, or barter away your first-born child. 

The rarest resource on the planet exists right under your own skin.  

No, I’m not talking about going to a plasma center!

It’s YOU!

Warren Buffet gave this advice to young people.  “You are your own biggest asset by far.”  He also said, “Find your passion, invest in yourself through gaining wisdom, knowledge and never, ever, stop learning.”  

This is not new advice.  The phrase “Know Thyself” was inscribed in stone in the Temple of Delphi 2700 years ago!  

You see, you have direct access to the scarcest resource on the planet.  Your uniquity is encoded in your DNA.  You are rare!

How do you transact on that scarce resource called ‘You’?

Three steps:

Step 1.  Identify Your Unique Talent.  Dig deep into the core of your being and identify your unique talent.  This is a lifelong endeavor AND you already on your way.  Ask yourself:  How are you different than anyone around you?  How do you flow countercurrent to the masses?

Step 2.  Hone Your Talent into a SuperPower.  Get the help of a mentor, coach, or counselor.  One that can see and bring out things in yourself you never knew existed.

Step 3.  Translate Your SuperPower into Value.  Tap into your community to find out what they value.  What they need.  The gap they feel.  Then deliver your SuperPower right into that value gap.  To speed this up, find others to help you along.  Join a MasterMind or engage a business advisor.  You don’t have to journey alone!

These three steps translates your SuperPower into extraordinary value.  It takes time.  Many iterations and trials.  It takes community.  Keep digging!   

When I mentored young professionals in my consulting career, I would ask them to articulate their personal brand.  Usually they said something like, “I work really hard and I’m good with people.”  And I’d say, “Yep, you and 400,000 other people that work here.  What’s unique about you?  What makes you stand out from everyone else?”

Discover that SuperPower.  Articulate it in a unique way that no one else can and you are well on your way to discovering the rarest resource on the planet.  YOU.

Discover it.  Hone it.  Focus it like a prism so people see how light shines through you in your unique way.  Your unique value.  

Better than gold, diamonds or astatine (rarest naturally occurring element in the Earth’s crust).

And by the way, you don’t generate wealth by hoarding your talent.  You generate value by putting it in the world!  

Evolution doesn’t happen with accumulation.

Learn Deeply.  Continuously.  And Shine Boldly!


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