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Rarest Resource on the Planet

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A friend introduced me to a video about the Meaning of Money.  Wealth Advisors talk about hitting your ‘number’ which is the wealth you need to accumulate to retire.  

Do you know your number?

In the video, the speaker defines money as a contract for the future.  Money is a device for moving value across space and time.  

He talks about five fundamental components of money.  Money must have:

  •  Divisibility
  •  Durability
  •  Recognizability
  •  Portability
  •  Scarcity

What stuck out for me was that money needed to have Scarcity.  The rarest resources hold the most value.  Diamonds and gold.  Money is a way to accumulate a scarce resource so you can trade it in the future for what you want.  

Okay, so that’s money and why you need to accumulate a pile of it as a scarce resource.

A great Pile O’ Money allows you to buy what you want....

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Agents of Freedom

Imagine a beautiful Spring day.  Feel the gentle wind blow through your hair.  Smell fresh scents of blooming flowers.  Each tree carries a shade of green -- unique to itself.  You can hear the symphonic melodies of birds rejoicing.  Spring is here.

You imagine those moments and a smile spreads across your face.  Why?  Perhaps in those moments, you feel FREE!  We strive for that freedom every day.  Time Freedom.  Financial Freedom.  Personal Freedom.  Spiritual Freedom.  In fact, we strive and courageously face difficulties in our journey.  Sometimes we insist to learn the hard way.  Why do we persist and endure hardships?  Perhaps it's so we can gather moments of FREEDOM like pearls on a string. 


Let me turn the table around.  Are you a teacher?  A consultant?  A healer?  What about a coach, team lead, speaker?  A parent or grandparent?  Yes, every day, each of...

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