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With Patrick Mosher

How to choose REAL priorities (& reduce overwhelm)

On the prairie, storms move in and out so fast!

In our Summer Encampment in 2010, a powerful storm came through, ripping apart...

our structure. This space is our living room, our dining room and meeting room.

After the storm, your next best action of integrity is to clean up and rebuild.

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The Mindset for Choosing REAL Priorities in Your Life (Personally & Professionally)

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Your Weekly Growth Challenge


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One Great Question

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“What keeps you awake at night?”

As a newly-minted consulting executive, they taught us to ask this ‘go-to’ question when alone with a client executive.

Why is this a great question?

It is ‘other’ focused.  It demonstrates empathy.  It gathers valuable and hopefully action-able information.  And most importantly, the question gauges the level of confidence and trust you have with the client.

I was asked this question once and my answer blew up the intended discussion.

My response?

“I sleep GREAT at night.  Always have.  In fact, when I was in kindergarten, Mom got a call from the teacher….“  and I went on with my childhood story.

The story of my lifetime sleep habits was probably not the discussion the other person wanted.  

Nonetheless, ‘What keeps you awake at night?’ is still a great go-to question to initiate a...

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The Story of Your Year

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As we enter the holiday party season, someone inevitably will ask you the question:

How was your year?

For many, this has been a tough year.  Endless pandemic news.  Lockdowns.  Cancelled vacations.  Turbo-charged cabin fever.  

You can respond to the question with all your trials and tribulations from the year.  It’ll feel good to let loose.  Perhaps they’ll feel the same and you can relate to each other’s difficulties.

But where do you both end up at the end of that Story of Your Year?

Turn it around 180 degrees.  After you’re finished telling the person the Story of Your Year, 

How do you want them to feel?

Here are 3 Steps to build an engaging and positive Story of Your Year for holiday parties.  

Step 1:  What One Word describes how you want people to feel after you tell them the Story of Your Year?

Step 2:  Journal all your...

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Creating a 10 Year Vision

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Do you ever think about where you’ll be in 10 years?  

What will your children be doing?  Who will they be?  Where will they be?

What about your career?  What will you be doing?  Who will you be working with?  Where in the world will you be?

Want to get peak into your world ten years from now?  

There is a way.  It’s simple and doesn’t require a crystal ball.


Be patient as I lay the foundation.

In choosing someone for a new job or new role, I often heard the phrase, “past performance is an excellent predictor of future performance.”

Reviewing a person’s past performance across years, roles and supervisors is an excellent way to evaluate how a person will perform.  Sure, there are anomalies.  People make severe right or left turns in their career.  I certainly did.  For the most part, though, people are pretty...

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Experience Life as EXTRA Ordinary


Did you sit down at your desk today and feel like you've experienced this same day before?  Seems like life repeats itself over and over and over again.  Groundhog Day!

Experience Life as Extraordinary!

The definition of Wisdom is the soundness of act or decision based on knowledge, experience and good judgment. To live wisely, then, means to deepen our life experiences.  Sure, we can travel all over the world and have amazing experiences, but most of the time, we have the opportunity to experience our everyday life as extra-ordinary.

When I was in college, earning my chemical engineering degree, I was required to take a physical education elective.  For most of us engineers, we thought it was an opportunity to take a break from calculus, organic chemistry and physics.  Many of my friends took volleyball and martial arts. I decided to take … Ballet I. 

As you might imagine, when I walked into Day 1, I quickly discovered, I was the only guy in the...

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