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Creating a 10 Year Vision

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Do you ever think about where you’ll be in 10 years?  

What will your children be doing?  Who will they be?  Where will they be?

What about your career?  What will you be doing?  Who will you be working with?  Where in the world will you be?

Want to get peak into your world ten years from now?  

There is a way.  It’s simple and doesn’t require a crystal ball.


Be patient as I lay the foundation.

In choosing someone for a new job or new role, I often heard the phrase, “past performance is an excellent predictor of future performance.”

Reviewing a person’s past performance across years, roles and supervisors is an excellent way to evaluate how a person will perform.  Sure, there are anomalies.  People make severe right or left turns in their career.  I certainly did.  For the most part, though, people are pretty...

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My 6+1 Immunity Boost Practices

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Tomorrow I visit my pulmonologist.

Her nurse will conduct the standard breathing tests.  I’ll blow into tubes.  Walk up and down the hall with an oximeter on my finger.  

Doc will come in and put the cold stethoscope on my front and back to listen for wheezing.

As usual, she won’t hear anything abnormal.

She’ll look at my test results.  Let me know where I stand and ask if I have any questions.

A standard checkup for me.  

Oh yea, I have Cardiac Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  I’m an odd case as I’ve never smoked.  I’m not overweight and I’m not old (relative to typical COPD patients).

My brother is diagnosed with COPD.  My other brother and sister both sleep with CPAPs.  None of them smoke.  My Dad died of emphysema and so did his brother.  And my brother’s son died of COPD at 32.  Married with 2 young...

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