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The 5 Words That Can Empower Us To Help Others & The World

For 22 years, I went out to Pine Ridge Reservation to participate in our Summer Encampment.

Three weeks of primitive camping on the prairie of South Dakota.

See that smile?

That's me thoroughly enjoying feeling the earth below my feet and the sun on my skin.

WOW, and I had hair in 2002! 

Welcome to Wisdom4Humanity Weekly #17!

Your Weekly Wisdom Mastery — 

The 5 Words That Can Empower Us To Help Others & The World

I asked the members of my Wisdom Council to describe the overall pulse (energy and vibe) of:

  • what they see in the world,
  • who they're having conversations with, and
  • what they detect in their community

and they collectively shared 5 words:

Tired, uncertain, powerless, frustrated and ambiguous.

It's our time to help break these, empowering those we know, love, care for and serve to transition their lives to something bigger, greater and more positive...

This video clip is part of our bigger training video called "Navigating Life Transitions".


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Creating Something Special

Resilience is an attitude that leaks out of your soul, lights up your face with a hearty smile and makes you and others ready to play!

Yep, that's me!

Freshman Year in College. 

Was the beard my Declaration of Independence?

Welcome to Wisdom4Humanity Weekly #15!

Your Weekly Wisdom Mastery — 

Get In My Head (See My SPECT Brain Scan)

Earlier this week, we had our very special Significant Impact Monthly Interactive session, live on ZOOM...

I feel as though we've created something special here.

A monthly time to connect & support other positive, loving, growth minded people while learning & growing along the way.  So GOOD!

The video clip above is from our special monthly time together earlier this week and I hope you enjoy "getting in my head" and learning about the power of resilience, too!

If you're feeling curious about what it's like to be part of something so special, give us a try with these 3 simple steps:

1) Sign up for SIM...

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Around the Fire

Watch the video of this post.

Listen to the podcast of this post.

Recently, I visited two friends in Colorado.  Brother and sister, living across the street from each other, they are close.  I’ve known them both over 20 years.  It’s always a pleasure to visit them and enjoy the clean fresh Colorado air and those beautiful mountains!  Such a treat!

On this particular visit, I have the pleasure of spending the evening with their community.  About 13 of us in all.  We share a meal in the backyard.  Potluck .. so a smorgasbord of unique recipes.  Delectable and (for me) exotic tastes. 

As dinner around the picnic tables winds down, I head for the small fire to warm my hands.  I sit alone in silence, staring into the fire.  You know how that goes, right?  It’s a meditation, watching the fire dance.  Eventually, another person meanders over and sits down across from me.  And then another.  ...

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Wisdom Stories and Sound Decisions

I LOVE the definition of WISDOM as the soundness of act or decision based on good judgment, knowledge and experience.  I love it because Wisdom is in MOTION through our actions and decisions.  It's not just some bottled up concept that sits on a shelf.  Wisdom doesn't just sit in the brains of our elders! 

Want to make wise decisions and act wisely?  Yep, Me too!

The definition tells us HOW to act and decide with Wisdom.  We base them on good judgment, knowledge and experience.  Okay, I bet you're thinking, "I have experience.  I know stuff.  And I have good judgment." 

Are you wise? 

Ah, that leads us to the last key word in the definition:  Soundness.  There it is.  The qualifier.  The component that separates wheat from chaff.  Significance from Norm.  Soundness.

Soundness is a high standard to meet.  Webster dictionary says it is the ability to withstand force or stress without being...

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