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It's About Time. Choose to LIVE!

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We've made great gains in the science of health and longevity.  

Since I was born in 1960, global life expectancy increased from about 50 years old to 72 years old in 2017.  That's an incredible 44% increase just in my lifetime!  

In general, everyone on the planet is living longer.

We have entered an Unprecedented Time in Human History.

And it's about … Time.

What are you doing with all your extra time?

I've known Joe for almost 30 years.  We shared a project early in our careers when we were both consultants.  A couple weeks ago, we were catching up and he said something that took me aback.

"You know, Patrick, we're at that time in our lives when we can count the number of summers we have left."

That got me thinking about mortality.

How many summers do I have left?  Can I count them on one hand?  Two?  

When I was 15, I had a strong premonition I wouldn't make it to see...

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Outsource Successfully
and Get the Results You Want

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Wisdom 4 Humanity means doing what you do best.  Sometimes that means outsourcing so you can focus on things that use your talent most wisely.  

Many entrepreneurs talk about hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA).  When I hear their ambiguous and ill-fated plans, I cringe.  

From entrepreneurs and executives alike, I hear too many horror stories of outsourcing gone wrong.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars wrong.  Legal action wrong.  Let's avoid those.

Time for a Wisdom 4 Humanity blog post to share Outsourcing Wisdom.

This blog post may read like a business article, but really outsourcing isn't just for business.  

Are you thinking about: 

  • Outsourcing housekeeping or lawn mowing services? 
  • Hiring a tutor for your child?
  • Bringing on a new team member?
  • Hiring a VA (virtual assistant)?
  • Outsourcing functions for your business?
  • etc 

Well then, this blog post is for you!


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What is Wisdom 4 Humanity?

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What is Wisdom 4 Humanity? 

I was asked to be on a panel for managing change in our society.  During the Q&A, someone asked a question about the graying of America.  The first two panelists gave their answers about how old folks were going to put a burden on our society.  They talked about investing in pharmaceuticals, boomerang parents, the increase of old folks' homes and the general migration of people to Florida.  

I gave an answer which I thought was brilliant.  But honestly, today I can't remember what I said.  

The fourth person looked at the three of us fellow panelists, looked at the crowd and what he said next transformed my life.  

"We are entering an unprecedented time in human history when there's more Wisdom on the planet than ever before."  

"And we're wasting it."  

In that instant, old folks became Elders.  My relationship with my parents...

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The Infinity Prayer

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I recently spent a day in the woods.  About 45 degrees.  Partially sunny.  

My fire starts easily, blazing with the new wood I hauled.

As I sit and think about things, frustration creeps in.  

  • My business is moving much slower than I want.  
  • To Do's mount faster than To Done's.
  • Great Ideas swirl around in my head and so few are getting implemented.
  • I'm not doing my daily exercises or hydration practices consistently.

As I watch the fire, my frustration mounts.

A strong gust of wind blows through the fire and picks up a few red-hot sparks that splash my face.  I recoil and instinctively close my eyes.  

Frustration and heat take me to a body memory 25 years ago.

I'm standing in ceremony on Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota.  Hot sun beating down.  I feel empty.  The fumes in my gas tank were used up hours ago.  Knees weak.  My field of vision is slowly...

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The Secret Decoder for Wisdom

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Wisdom is the soundness of act or decision based on knowledge, experience and good judgment. 

What I love about this definition is that wisdom isn't a gift that only the Dalai Lama has or old people have.  It is an act or decision which means wisdom is in the world!  Wisdom moves things forward through actions and decisions.  

The definition also gives you the quality of Wisdom.  Soundness.  Soundness means stable or solid.  You don't spin on wise decisions or actions because they are solid.  

I also love that soundness indicates, sound.  Soundness is transmitted and heard.  Wisdom transfers from one being to another.  

I was sharing this definition of Wisdom at my Machu Picchu Wisdom Council.  Explaining it as I've done in this blog post.  And then, inspired by that magical place, this sentence fell out of my mouth.

Wisdom Isn't Wisdom Until It's Shared...

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Ancient Peruvian Gratitude

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In 2018, we went to Machu Picchu, Peru for my 2018 Wisdom Council.  

Every picture you see of Machu Picchu looks like it's taken by a professional photographer.  I took this shot.  Isn't it beautiful!   Sunny day.  Clouds in unique formations.  Velvety green mountains look like moss.  The sun came out and you can see the people walking through Machu Picchu.  When you walk through, it's really quiet.  Like a cathedral.  Machu Picchu is such a mystery. It was built in the 1400's.  The Incans had no metal so they cut all the stones, by rubbing stone-to-stone.  

And they hauled stones for their structures up from way down below in the valley by the water.  Absolutely amazing that they finished this structure.  It's a mystery why they were there and a mystery why they left.  

This ancient place is sacred.  

Whenever I travelled all over...

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Shall We Begin?

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I raced out of my Physics class.  Professor Klontz just gave us our tests back.  As I scurried across campus to my next class, my mind raced.  

How am I going to recover my semester grade from this "D?"  

I really didn't understand much from the class.  The professor taught so fast, he could have literally taught in Greek and I would have understood just as much.  The book wasn't much help either.  I read and re-read each chapter with little comprehension.  I slowed down every study group I joined.

I'm such a doofuss!  Why can't I GET this?

And why did I schedule my next class so far away from the Physics building!!  Only 10 minutes between classes.

Stress mounts as I pick up the pace.

I get to the building.  Race upstairs to the locker room.  Change clothes and enter the classroom.

My mind still fixated on that "D."  My Chemical Engineering degree in...

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Avoiding Turbulence

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If you've followed me for awhile, you know I'm a science geek.  I LOVE to apply scientific terms like momentum, energy, power and resistance to our everyday life.  When we apply these concepts from a scientific perspective, they reveal a lot about our life experiences.

Today, I'm going to geek out on a concept you probably don't like much.


For 30 years, I traveled the world as a consultant.  Turbulence is that event when you're on a plane and it starts shaking.  You clench the armrest or the person next to you.  

But the first time I got familiar with turbulence was not on a plane.  It was in my Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering.  The class was called Transport Phenomena.  I spent a whole semester studying how fluids and gases flow through pipes.  

Fascinating, right?

There are two types of flow.  Laminar Flow is smooth and predictable.  ...

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It’s a Good Day ‘To Live’

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This weekend, I spent the day in the woods.  50 degrees.  Sunny.  I even built a fire.

I sit down on a stump.  As I reflect, a meditation comes.

Work hard enough to have enough

Don't have enough?

Then make do with what you have

Can't make do?

Work hard to make do.

In between the time spent Working Hard and Making Do, there is Being Present.  

Notice and be grateful for the littlest of things 

Celebrate the gift of waking up in the morning

Notice the radiant beauty of flowers

Close your eyes and feel the breeze across your face

Listen to the diverse songs of each songbird 

Feel mud or sand squish between your middle toes

Feel cool air fill each portion of your lungs as that air rushes deep into your body

In a flash of a moment

Let your soul be filled
With Everything the Universe provides
Just to YOU
In this Present Moment

Sometimes we get lost on the brightly lit path from point A...

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A Leap of Faith

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I love comments from my blog post readers.  Last week, my sister provided more details regarding my roller coaster story from a previous blog post.  I added her account to the story in this week's blog post.  Her perspective opened a whole new theme about that roller coaster ride that changed all our lives.


Do you like roller coasters?

I did when I was a kid.

My parents took us 4 children to Coney Island, an amusement park near Cincinnati.  When we walked up to the roller coaster, we insisted my Dad take us.  My Dad relented and we lined up to ride.  My Dad was apprehensive.  We giggled with excitement.

When we got to the operator, there was a life-sized cutout of a cartoon character that was slightly bigger than me.  That was the problem.  I was deemed too short to ride.  My siblings all passed.  

Disappointed, I turned back and sullenly walked...

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