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As we approach the end of the year, let's CELEBRATE!  

It's been a challenging year, but surely you can find SOMETHING to celebrate.

I propose a slightly different way to celebrate.  Let's start with a story. 

When I was fourteen, I reached the pinnacle of Boy Scouts by achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.  I worked hard on passing the requirements and accumulating the necessary merit badges.  I achieved each level from Scout to Tenderfoot to Second Class to First Class to Star to Life to Eagle as fast as possible.  I soared to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.

But this story isn't about me and my success.

You see, to achieve that highest rank, my Mom played an integral part.  She encouraged and supported me.  She drove me to merit badge counselors homes and waited as I was tested for knowledge and skills.  She drive me to Boy Scout meetings, Patrol meetings and camping trips....

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True Presence‚Ä®

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At least once every month, I drive 70 miles and spend a day in the woods.  Why drive so far?  70 miles each way requires a full day.  And it gives me time to play loud music and think.  Reflect on life.  Be with me!

When I get to the woods, I usually take a walk and make a fire.  Some days I do ceremony.  

The fire feels good.  A little warmth to complement the fresh Fall air.  As I sit in the woods by my fire, I imagine this place 200 years ago.  My mind drifts to an elder whom we called, Unci (oon-che), which means 'Grandma' in Lakota.  Grandma taught us A LOT about prayer and life.

A serenity envelopes me.  I'm by myself, but hardly alone.  Bear Creek gurgles a few feet away.  Honking geese make their way south.  My nearby fire crackles and pops.  

I smile.

When I'm in the woods, I slow way down.  I sink into the joy of doing...

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New terms are popping up in our language:  Pandemic Fatigue, COVID Fatigue, Zoom Fatigue

Fatigue is defined as 'a temporary loss of power induced by continued stimulation.'

At a staff meeting, a manager reported the loss of a contract due to the client's "Fee Fatigue."  The client simply got tired of paying.   The partner in the room got red-faced, was mad and burst, "There is no such thing as Fee Fatigue!  It means the Perceived Value dipped below Fees Paid."  I always worked hard in my career to avoid fee fatigue by continually driving VALUE!

Combat Fatigue by Lifting VALUE.

Let's use the same strategy to fight Zoom Fatigue. 

Videoconference calls such as Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google Hangouts, Cisco Webex, GoTo Meeting, are the New Normal.  So let's just lift the Perceived Value over the cost by introducing a little fun!

Here's my challenge for you:  start your next meeting with...

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What Will it Take to Heal Our Humanity?

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The United States held our election last week.  We chose who will lead us.  As the world watched, Americans cast their ballots.  More votes were cast in this election than ever before.  In fact, the losing candidate received 12.5% more votes in this election than the winner in our last election (votes still being counted)! 

Yea, I know.  Collective decisions don't always go our way.  We get mad, stomp around and pout in destructive ways only adults know how.  Living with decisions that don't go our way can freeze us. 
…for awhile. 

Then magic happens.

As humans, we have a powerful tool.


In fact, we ADAPT faster than any other species on the planet.

The way I see it, there is no winning or losing, especially in this election.  Only ADAPTATION.

The word ADAPT comes from Latin, meaning "to join fitted."

It is time for us to JOIN...

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Every Day is Election Day

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Here in the United States, we enter Election Week.  We choose a new administration.  As the world watches, Americans cast their ballots.  National and local campaigns rage as we watch messages that divide us and mudslinging where everyone feels a little dirty. 

Crazy world.

And through all this, why am I celebrating?

I celebrate freedom to choose the next leader of our country.  I may like or dislike the outcome of the election, but I revel that I have choice.

And that's really something, isn't it?

Choice frees us….and choice binds us.

Decisions that don't go our way can freeze us like a tongue on a frozen flagpole.  Decisions that don't go our way can feel like we're being held back from what we need.  And I suppose they do.

And yet, I celebrate freedom.

I have more freedom today than my father, a World War II vet and more than my grandfathers whom both fought in the trenches...

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Piles of Parked Priorities

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I have a goal every week to process my emails down to one screen.  I track my success on a spreadsheet which I mark as Red, Yellow, Green.  Happy to say I am GREEN every week.

Woo HOO!  Here's what I do. 

  • Step 1.  I look at the eMails and delete junk or ones that don't need my attention.
  • Step 2.  I move the low priority eMails into folders
  • Step 3.  The remaining eMails are ones requiring my mindshare – usually decisions - so I leave them to process later.
  • Step 4.  ….

That's it.  There is no Step 4!  That's the problem!  I rarely go back to the eMails requiring my attention! 

Delayed Decisions Don't Get Done!

Want to know how I plow through Piles of Parked Priorities?

In the 1990's there was a craze that took the corporate world by storm called Re-engineering.  As an engineer and consultant, I dove deep into the concepts and integrated many...

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Empty Calories and Nourishment

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When we use the word, nourishment, we typically think of nourishing our bodies.  We eat the right foods.  Exercise regularly.  We don't always meet our goals or expectations, but getting in shape is top of mind.  We measure our success by how our body looks and more importantly, how we feel in our own skin.

Oxford defines Nourishment as consuming substances needed for growth, health and good condition.

Okay, so let's talk about Spiritual Nourishment. 

What does it mean to nourish your spirit?  Just use the same definition:  substances needed for growth health and good condition.

  • What does Spiritual Growth mean?
  • What does Spiritual Health mean?
  • What does Spiritual Good Condition mean?

Wow!  There is a whole seminar just on those 3 questions!!

Like your body, your spirit requires the same level of conscious activity to keep fit.  Spiritual practices that stretch, challenge...

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Allocate Adequate Recovery Time

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Yesterday I delivered my Wisdom Mastery monthly program.  I love the community.  Love the interaction.  I spend quite a bit of energy setting it up, showing up and following up.  It's a passion of mine to serve my Wisdom Mastery community.

And I am exhausted!

Over my 30-year consulting career, almost every project evolved into a passion project.  I cared about meeting milestones and deadlines.  I cared about the quality of deliverables.  Mostly though, I cared about the people.  My clients.  My team. 


Over 30 years, I averaged about 5 hours of sleep a night …. and that's only if I INCLUDE weekends!  When people asked why I didn't suffer from jet lag when I flew all over the world, I told them I was so constantly exhausted, my body just didn't register jet lag.

If you're a consultant, entrepreneur, executive or mom, (or … or …...

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Finding Comfort in Turbulent Times

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These are turbulent times.  So many ways to divide our attention.  Here in the United States we have an historic election coming up.  Politicians fill the air waves with ads.  Mud fills the air with the mudslinging.  Marketers amp up their Soundbytes.  Breaking news from new media.  Social media channels know if they can grab your attention with a bit catnip, they can capture for a few minutes or even a few hours.

We consume…and for some reason, we want more.  And MORE!

An insatiable hunger gathers in our stomachs.  The hunger grows.  Our very souls are hungry!

Why?  Because these are EMPTY CALORIES!!

What if I told you there was a simple way to feel a sense of fulfillment, comfort and even harmony?  It's available to you every moment of the day.

How much would you pay for a sense of comfort in turbulent times?  $100?  Or $100 times $100?!?!

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Preventing Personal Power Leakage

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You're driving down the highway.  Thinking about what you'll do when you get to your destination.  You smile. 

Life is Good.

A slow driver saunters into your 'fast lane,' cutting you off.  No head check.  No blinker. 

You slam on the brakes!


What happens next in your scenario?

Positive Psychology identifies top 10 negative emotions which include these four:  Annoyance, Disgust, Anger and Rage.

In the Slow Driver scenario which, by the way, happened to me yesterday, I rank my negative emotions. 

  • Am I Annoyed?
  • Am I Disgusted?
  • Am I Angry?
  • Am I Enraged?

If I let go into one of these negative emotions, I leak Personal Power.

If I pause, I get to CHOOSE my Re-action.

Leak or Pause.

The Pause gives me a moment to ask:

How much personal power do I want to give the Slow Driver in front of me?

Definition:  Power Leakage:  Giving personal power away to a person or...

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